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AB de Villiers joined former Zimbabwe cricketer turned commentator Mpumelelo ‘Pommy’ Mbangwa for an Instagram chat. During the chat a fan asked him to pick up the better batsman between Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar. And de Villiers without any hesitation picked Tendulkar ahead of Kohli and explained his choice.

De Villiers said Tendulkar has been a role model for him and Kohli and his achievements come as an example. He also said, even Kohli would have picked Tendulkar ahead of him. De Villiers, however said, Kohli tops Tendulkar when it comes to chasing the game. He has been the chase-master.

Source Link: https://cricketaddictor.com/cricket/sachin-tendulkar-better-virat-kohli-ab-de-villiers/
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"without any hesitation"

This is the highlight. Proven facts don't need repeat validation.


Well said.
Muje to hasi deep Das Gupta jaise logo pr ATI h jo 2017 me bhi decided ni kr pa re the ki who is best Kohli or Sachin?


Ajkl ek to sare commentator chamche h,sach koi bolta hi ni h

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Not Even 1% Doubt About It........

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ABD is like Maradona....Not much on statistics/Longevity but what they did Beyond Other's capability.

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Let me upvote that for you my friend.

But few deranged hobos thinks otherwise.

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Ab Devilliers, Sachin, Kohli..... Now if there would've been a mention of Sir Vivian Richards somewhere in this whole conversation then we would've gotten a Fantastic 4 movie that would've been better than The Incredibles.

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Well imagine Sachin and Viv opening with Kohli at 3 and ABD at 4. I dont wish to imagine the agony bowlers shall go through.


can we please keep ABD out of that company he is a great misfit there


And how is that? He must have scored some runs in his life to be a part of this group isnt it?

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In terms of chasing down totals Kohli trumps Sachin. In terms of range of shots, attacking strokeplay etc Sachin was much better

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Test history ka sabse bada bowler warne ko sabse behtarin tarike se khela wo sachin tha aur jis era main sachin tha us samay ke bowlers aaj tak nahi aaye.

Aur agar kuch AB bolta hai to puri duniya sunti hai.


Arey bhai. You dint even read the article properly it seems. He said Kohli is a better chaser than Sachin. Wo nahi padha ??

I also said overall Sachin is superior. Maine kab deny kia ?


oneday aur test main anter hai, kohli oneday ka best finisher hai.


Tests Sachin was much more compact and disciplined around his off stump....wo ek area hai jahan Kohli ne improve kia hai par aur mehnat chahiye. Overall Tendulkar is much superior nobody denies. Par comparisons different era men nahi karne chahiye.

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both are legends though i prefer kohli in odis
but wouldnt pick either of them if the game is a world cup final

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Yup. I hope Kohli does it one day. Scoring runs in a world cup final.


2023 best chance not counting the t20 worldcups


We won't be 2 time WC winners hadnt kohli stood there after Sachin got out and Ind was 28/2.

If it wasnt for Dilshan's fabulous catch, Kohli would definitely have been the man of the match or at least would have scored the hundred. He has the ability, just that luck never sides with him in those knockouts.


Someday luck will side with him............i hope.

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as if it was even a question

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sachin and lara , the best ever

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Virat is better than Sachin in ODIs, Sachin is better in tests

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Even if kohli score 100 centuries still many will say Sachin better batsman.

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yes, aaj bhi richards se jyada run aur centuray bahot batsman ne banaye hai per cricket greats ya pandit se baat karo to wo viv ka hi naam lenge.

waise hi sachin aur lara hai.


Sachin carried billion dreams on his shoulders for almost two decades. While kohli can't.

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