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Guys, got this idea from espn cric info who tweeted the same,so here it goes, assume all these players are in their prime. I am adding more of my own too.

1) Kohli vs Warne

2) Williamson vs Murali

3) Smith vs Shoaib akhtar

4) Kevin Pietersen vs Kagiso Rabada

5) ABD vs Wasim akram

6) Rohit Sharma vs Waqar younis

7) David Warner vs Allan Donald

8) Sachin Tendulkar vs Rashid Khan

9) Brian lara vs Neil Wagner

10) Ricky Ponting vs Bhumrah

11) Dhoni vs Curtly Ambrose

12) Babar azam vs McGrath

I've kept this short, so that it is easy to answer. Try giving logical answers without any bias.
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Giving my own,
1) 50:50. Kohli will hole out trying to hit Warne out of the park, he will mostly milk Warne for ones and twos
2) Murali will win easy since Kane isn't that good a player of spin
3) Smith will win it on most days,he's gonna be in discomfort but ultimately he will prevail
4) KP should take this
5) in the 90s, Wasim will win it hands down, in present era, its equal
6) Waqar will win it easy
7) Warner likes pace on the bat, he should be fine
8) Rashid will be bullied
9) Wagner will be bullied
10) Ponting will be fine after some initial trouble picking Bhumrah's unusual action, but wont be able to dominate him I feel
11) Ambrose will win.
12) McGrath will win it easy

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Except AB-Wasim and Kohli-Warne rest are mostly one sided.....mostly.

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i dont care if he scored more or less in a WC , but in the past 10-15 year no one apart from kohli or smith fulfills the criteria to join the likes of atg if batsmen are concerned
ABD may be good very good or outstanding he may be odi legend too but he is simply not in the company of lara tendulkar or even dravid and punter


Listen buddy, you can believe what you want, no one's forcing you.

We'll listen to the experts, or you know, those people who actually have knowledge about cricket.


ok i agree i do not have much understanding of cricket but show me a piece where people actually mention abd in same breath as other two
abd may be a modern legend but simply not in atg list



MJ, different eras na. ABD is in between. Lara/Sachin/Ponting was a different era. Kohli/Smith is a different era. ABD is sandwiched somewhere in between along with Kevin Pietersen, Michael Clarke etc. He's a great for sure. Not every great has to be evaluated in the same way.

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Kohli vs McGrath ,, i think mcgrath will still have kohli for a toss most of the times

ABD v Akram is that a contest lol akram will have him for a breakfast everyday

Lara v Wagner , i want to know whose idea is this

Ponting v Bumrah will be good to see

Warner v Donald again lol if it swings even for a nanosecond warner shall be running for his life

Kevin Pietersen vs Kagiso Rabada , KP is having this

Dhoni vs Curtly Ambrose hahaha dhoni back to ranchi by first train

Smith vs Shoaib akhtar Smith will make akhtar perish by exhaustion only

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Donald had pace. Lots of it. Warner being an aussie likes pace on the bat. Can hook and pull quite well. I'm sure he would have managed.


oh pls warner is the textbook definition of a flat track bully i am saying wrt that era

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There are some players who are so unique and will remembered by whole cricketing world....and shahid afridi is one of them...he made all the great bowlers suffer in front of him....it's used to be insult. In an era where every boundary used to get goosebumps, standing ovation.

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there is not a single overrated player in the history of cricket than afridi
if only pakistanis valued the likes of anwar inzamam and yousuf over this afridi their cricket would not be in shambles today


Afridi is loved by indian and Bangladeshis also, in fact he is loved by whole world....such a fine gentleman...go check some utube videos and check the comments...even here in this forum many Indians are fans of afridi...u can't calculate him...no matter what..he is the prince of cricket. One of Most loved 3 cricketer of all time.

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