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My guess is Strictly No !!!!!!

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can give 100 flops now but always remember the number 1 rule of bollywood
1- dilip kumar
2- amitabh bacchan
3- shahrukh khan
they are not known because of bollywood but bollywood is known because of them

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It's insult to dilip and Amitabh to be in same bracket with SRK.


Sahi kaha abhay, srk ka comparison sirf akshay, ajay aur salman se ho sakta hai.


Abhay abhi kaunsi class me ho?

nitesh singh....tum saare BigB fans SRK se kyu jalte ho....


@jordan u forgot to add RANBIR KAPOOR plz Add him in the list

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SRK still has potential to deliver a blockbuster which will also be a universally accepted movie. It's just that at a certain age, you lose interest with the movies because unless you get a solid script, it becomes pointless to go for it. For a 55 year old guy who has given many blockbusters and hits and has been no.1 for many years, it doesn't matter if he can give a hit or a superhit.

We don't remember how many flops Amit Ji has given since 90s but we do remember some of his great works after that like Black, Paa, Baghban, Sarkar etc. Box office success becomes irrelevant after a certain age.

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Hirani is SRK'S best chance. If it clicks, forget Hit/semi hit, SRK will bounce back with an ATG. If and only if he lets Hirani take control this time and keeps his inputs to himself.

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yaa like dilwale zero raees jhms all were expected to be atg before their release too and they turned out to be ..........


None of them were expected to be ATG. Diwale and Raaes opened very well, the stardom was shown there. JHMS and Zero were doomed , results would be the same with any other star. Content has failed SRK in the last decade, the stardom is very much intact.


well i dont think srk will ever give a hit now !!!


You cannot say. He has been one of the biggest stars ever along with the other 2 mighty Khans. If content clicks he will give an ATG.

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He may or may not give but he will surely be counted as among the top 5 greatest superstars this country ever saw
Big B DILIP SAAB Dharmendra SRK Salman are forever now in the history books

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i would have upvoted but salman strictly should not be among these 5 stars he saw just 6-7 years good phase other superstars had great careers for very long and after 3/4 years akshay is definitely among the top 5/6 stars ever

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Its sad to see srk bad phase he is my favourite actor from north india / bollywood
i saw kkhh in theatres 2-3 times even when i was not even able to understand hindi properly
Anyways he is the biggest superstar after Amitabh bachchan and one of biggest movie stars in the world
Dilip Kumar Big b SRK is what i used to hear earlier and it will forever be top 3 for me

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Ghanta biggest superstar after Amitabh. Aamir Salman r way ahead of him.



abhi kaunsi class me ho?


he is indeed the biggest superstar in india after BIG B
Come to south india and talk to an average guy regarding bollywood
he single handedly ruled from 1995 to 2009 when other stars like aamir and salman were not even noticed


ravi kortala....no need any explanation....these kind of haters all over social media.....world knows better

combine stardom of aamir salman (2010-2019) is way less than srk's 1995 - 2008....he was ruling box office when average hit also celebrated as a big success for other star...in today's multiplex era even shahid, tiger also give huge bo hit...stars like akshay, ajay became consistent...while these same star were struggling for average grossers

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Yes! But Not As A Solo Hero And That's Credit Not Goes To Srk.... His Stardom Is Completely Over.......

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SRK has not seen the kind of stardom which other two khans r enjoying these days during his stardom phase. That is the main reason even his die hard fans are hating him now.

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bhai tum kaunse class me ho woh batao pahle...shayad 6 ya 7th me hoge


Bhai facts aur figure pe to tum baat kar nahi sakte isliye class puch baithe.


haan bhai aamir rule karega without releasing movies while salman rule karega with extension of flop movies started with race3....yeh log festival per hit nahi dete to lanat hai aise stardom per


Aamir will release at least 10 films till retirement and 5 will be confirmed atg iam confident about that.

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Agar Akshay dusre k credit lek hit desakta hai toh srk kyu nahi!!

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yeah he will soon give a hit.

Koi itna chhota star nahi hoga ke 25 movies dega bina hit ke.


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Only raj kumar hirani can save srk now from giving flop.
In last 6-7 yrs ,srk has failed with rohit shetty and big banner like yrf.

Gone are those days when srk used to carry movie on his name.

Just look at the footfalls of his recent movies.
zero with 67 footfalls is a shocker with such budget and release date.

and most important part,it will take 6months-1year to even start the shooting of confirmed projects and srk has not even finalized any thing yet.
So i dont think even RKH-SRK movie is happening.

answered by Location Manager (7.1k points)
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pahle koi movie karne do utna hi kafi hoga uske fans k liye....hit semi hit to baad ki baat hai

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Shahrukh Khan has fans to get a superhit/blockbuster till now , needs an entertaining movie (not the great for critics)

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Depends on director...........

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He will give hit for sure but its not certain when or will it be him in full fledged lead role or a secondary kind of role (because chances of him not doing movies in lead role will be a possibility if Hirani's movies doesn't work). When CE came and became an ATG, I never thought that soon SRK will be in such phase.
Further even SRK doesn't sounds like he is interested in giving hits or even doing movies nowadays, so thats a worrying sign because if he doesn't wants it nobody can make him do that. Not even his fans...

answered by Production Accountant (27.4k points)

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