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Megastar / ATBB - Amitabh Bachchan

Megasuperstars / Super BB - Dilip Kumar Dharmendra Shahrukh Khan Akshay Kumar (after 3-4 years)

Superstars / BB - Rajesh Khanna Aamir Khan Salman Khan

Big Stars - Hrithik Roshan Ajay Devgan

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You are wrong Akki Megastar/ATBB after 3-4 yrs and Amitabh bachhan Star only

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Biggest Star - Amitabh Bachchan (Unmatchable)

Megastar - Dharmendra, Dilip Kumar, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Rajesh Khanna, Aamir Khan

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Hahahaha a guy who doesnt have an ATBB, Super blockbuster, and has 2 chindi blockbusters is megasuperstar h

Hahahaha thanks for trolling material


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Even these 2010 stars have seen the kind of megastardom which Shahrukh has not seen in his whole career. Lol on small star SRK.


@Abhay, SRK kahan se aa gya beech men? Har jagah ek hi answer dena zaroori hai?


What's ur problem man with akki? Jb bi koi post ATI h use related tum hr br nicha dikhte rhte ho usko..


Rahul maine explain kar dia hai upar Akshay ke baare men.

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Amiabh Bachcan is the only Megastar , rest all are just superstars
Though i will place Dilip Saab Dharmendra Shahrukh Salman a notch above the rest mostly because of longeivity and stardom ,these are my top 5
the only reason rajesh khanna is not here coz of longeivity plus i dont like these super bb classification
My top 5.
Dharmendra Amitabh Bachchan Salman Shahrukh Dilip Saab

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Pls shove akshay in there somewhere.. the author might feel bad


He's being given normal answers. This is the maximum respect this post can get.

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Megastar: Aamir, Salman, SRK, Big B, Dilip Kumar, Dharamendra
Superstar: Hrithik Roshan, Rajesh Khanna, Rajendra Kumar, Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor
Big stars: Ajay devgan, Akshay Kumar

P.S: You're only making a fool out of yourself by making such absurd posts.

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In another post u ranked rajesh khanna above SRK....u are really funny man....answers like online bot


The other post was ranking actors who have 25 hits or more. Rajesh Khanna had an insane run from 1969 to 1973, hysteria which other stars are yet to match.

Longevity and worldwide stardom wise SRK trumps him easily. So overall SRK is a megastar for me. I dont think that's too much of an issue...I'm praising SRK isnt it ?

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Bhai @saaransh mujhe to shak hota hai ki tum akshay ke fan ho ya hater ROFL.


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Joker ke Naye jokes
How is he still in this forum?

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Megastar / ATBB - Amitabh Bachchan

Megasuperstars / Super BB - Dilip Kumar and Dharmendra

Superstars / BB - Rajesh Khanna , Salman Khan, and jublee kumar

Big Stars - dev anand , jeetendra, ashok kumar ,Akshay kumar,srk ,Hrithik Roshan Ajay Devgan and aamir

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Megastar - AB

Superstar - Khans, HR

Star - Akshay, Ranbir

Actor - Ajay

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After Amitabh only Aamir earned the title of megastar. Rest all are either stars or superstars.

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isse badi comedy nhi dekhi aaj tak
aamir ko 30 me stardom to mil nahi paaye na koi fanbase hai uska
Socia lmedia par to tiger aur varun ke fans se takkar lene ki aukaat nahi hai aamir ki hahahaha


Small TV star SRK have less fans than tiger or Varun u mean to say that. Ok then.


srk to flop actor hai hi no hits in 5 years for him
akshay has more hits than khan trio combined he is the biggest superstar today

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Jab social media 18 saal ki umr main join karoge toh aisa hi haal hota hai jab insaan ko na facts naam ki cheez ka pta hota hai aur na records naam ki cheez ka pta hota hai toh bas 1cr footfalls pe Milnay wali chindi hits ka lage raho naujawan

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Respect se baat karo.. 70 cr weekend diya hai MEGASUPERSTAR ne.

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In Modern era Amitabh bacchan would remain a akshay kumar beside KHANS.

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absolutely NO!!!!!!!!!
BIG B stardom level no one ever matched only srk salman came close but Amitabh is the biggest ever


Absolutely wrong...that time there was no othear way entertainment so films used to have big ffs...once modern era started amitabh fused like a bulb...yes he was 50 years old...but 50 years is not big issue for action star...even akshay kumar/ajay devgan are at peak at 50...And opening? In that era even moderate star used to give housepack opening...it doesn't matter in 100 screens...even a ayushman khurrana film would run a riot if released in 100 screens...I'm no hater...but BIg is hugely overrated just because of thos multi starrer ffs...even in sholay main credit goes to Amjad khan, Dharam, Hema malini...then comes Amitabh bacchan...at 4th.

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