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1. Shahrukh Khan superb performance from debut to  2016 after that bad phase

2. Akshay Kumar  Very good performance over last two decades

3. Aamir kHAN  Good Performance but very less volume of hit

4.Salman Khan Very mixed performance with great from 2010-2017

5.Hrithik Roshan Good Performance since debut with mixed in between

6.Ajay Devgan Good Bad Mixed

7.Ranbir KAPOOR Next Gen Superstar

8.Ranveer Singh Next Gen Superstar

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Shahrukh Khan outstanding performance superb consistency from debubt to almost 2017 , never saw a bad phase till then
Salman Khan a very bumpy ride started good then bad then excellent in last decade
Akshay Kumar slow and steady wins the race consistently good in last two decades
Aamir Khan only less volume of work hits otherwise i would place him at second position
Hrithik Roshan strange performance after debut should work more now

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SRK - almost no bad phase between 1992-2015 from professional point of view....bad post 2016

Salman - mixed 90s (great 1990-1991 and good 1998-99, average to bad 1992-1997, again mixed 2000s, same as 90s, great 2010-2017 averge post 2017

Aamir- Good 90s, excellent 2000s (missing major portion of the decade), great to-good 2010

Akshay- average 90s, excellent 2000s, mixed 2010s (good 2010-2015 and excellent 216-2019)

Ajay - good 90s (consistent through out the decade) average 2000s good 2010s

Hritik - excellent 2000s, mixed 2010s

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Srk was superb in 1990s to 2016 ( overall no 1 )
Salman mixed 90s but outstanding after 2010 ( overall 2nd )
Amir khan good in 90s superb 2000 ( overall 3rd )
Akshay average both 90s & 2000 ( overall 4th )
Ajay devgan good in 90s & 2000 ( overall 5th )

This is top 5 superstar since 1990

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SRK: Great from 1995 to 2008, mixed from 2010-2015,mediocre there onwards.

Salman: Excellent from debut till late 90s. Mediocre 2000-2009, exceptional from 2010-2017. Average 2018 onwards.

Aamir: Consistent 90s, excellent 2000s and exceptional beyond.

HR: Excellent 2000s and mixed 2010s.

Akshay: Mediocre 90s, Very good from 2000-2008, mediocre from 2009 to 2015. 2016 onwards....very good

Ajay: Average 90s, below par 2000s, 2010 onwards mostly good.

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How's mixed from 2010-2015?? Every movie released was hit, gave opener, record weekend, record week, all time grosser....almost each and every record. Lol.


Ajay Devgn had a good run in the 90s with 11 Hits. It was just as good as the last decade.


Sihan, i mean it relatively. As compared to the highs of the 2000s,the 2010 -2015 period wasn't that good. Hence mixed. Nikeel, overall when you compare it to others, it was mostly average.

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  1. Salman Khan - 660 Points (78 Movies)

  2. Shahrukh Khan - 550 Points (64 Movies)

  3. Akshay Kumar - 490 Points (120 Movies)

  4. Aamir Khan - 430 Points (45 Movies)

  5. Ajay Devgn - 390 Points (100 Movies)

Points System -

All Time Blockbuster - 40 Points
Blockbuster - 30 Points
Super Hit - 20 Points
Hit - 10 Points

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For consider big stars always consider big hits with big footfalls at that time of conditions. So check your wrong facts.


Ab pata nahi lekin hits to jo jyada movies karega uske hi honge.. So, discrepency hai thodi isme..


hahaha....Ajay apni khudki theory mast banata hai...people will consider ATBB hum aapke hai kaun but forget 7 flop before that and 5 flop after that...waise semi hit aevarge point bhi dal deta


ATBB ka point jyada hona chahiye kyuki rare achivment hai.

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  1. SRK
  2. Salman
  3. Aamir
  4. Hrithik
  5. Akshay

Only these top five matters.

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I agree.


But box office wise all time no 1 hema malini hogi kyuki almost 20 blockbuster hai


but madhuri is given majority of credit in her successes can you give hema the same for her hits with dharmendra and amitabh ?
only madhri and sridevi stand out in this regard


The Mumtaz phase did not last long within the industry as she decided to quit the industry and stopped signing films. Though in the audience eyes Mumtaz remained a huge star till 1974 as her films released, it was over within the industry in 1972 and the biggest benficiary was Hema Malini as many of the rejected Mumtaz films went to her including Seeta Aur Geeta. Hema Malini then probably went on to emerge the biggest female star ever.

She even gave the fading stars like Rajendra Kumar (Gora Aur Kala) and Dev Anand (Amir Garib) huge hits

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Salman khan - Great in 90s , Average in first half of 2000s decade , bad in second half ( 2005 - 2009 ) Extraordinary from 2010 - 2017 ( Best Run of any male star ever ) Average from 2018 - 2019.

Shahrukh khan - Great in 90s , great in first half of 2000s deacde , good in second half ( 2005 - 2009 ) Good from 2010 - 2014 , Bad 2015 - 2020

Aamir khan - Good in 90s , Good in 2000s first half , Great in second half ( 2005 - 2009 ) Excellent from dhoom3 to dangal

Akshay kumar - Good in first half of 90s , bad in second half , bad start of next decade ( 2000-03 ) good from there till 2012
Average till 2016 , Excellent from 2016 onwards.

Ajay devgan - Good in 90s , good in 2000s , good in 2010s

Hrithik roshan - great till 2006 , average from 2007 to 2011
Good again till Krrish3 , Bad from there till super30.

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Salman has delivered most number of BB in last 30 years.

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what about the rest , his performance from 1991 to 1997 and 2000 to 2010 sirf hits hi ginte hai kya flop nahi ?


agae dekha jaye to srk ne bhi 2009 se 2020 tak sirf 1 BB diya hai 12 saal main.


If you count flops Dilip Kumar is the biggest star ever by leap years

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Everyone ranking SRK above Salman here but according to BOI Salman is the only one working today to join All time greats.
SRK has dominated for more years but overall the magnitude of heights Salman has seen in his phase is unmatchable.
Be it Hits, Big Hits, Blockbuster or Hgoty Salman is the biggest of this generation.

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all time great lol
what about his mediocre performance till dabangg at that time sallu was not even in top 4 stars and suddenly in 6-7 years he became all time great
for 2 decades he was giving outright flops in solo movies few years wont change overall career performance


Why do you ask q and read ans if you are hell-bent on your illogical ideas?

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Salman Khan
Shahrukh Khan
Aamir Khan
Akshay Kumar
Ajay Devgan
Hrithik Roshan

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Salman khan :
31 Hits
10 Hgoty (record)
15 Blockbusters
5 3cr footfalls
14 2cr footfalls
36 1cr foofalls
27 movies in top 5 since 88
6 record openers
15 bumpers
18 excellent openers
41 successful movies
9 record weekend
8 record week
95cr ~ footfalls
39 Successful movies
27 Hits
10 Blockbusters
6 record openers
16 bumpers
16 excellent openers
8 record weekend
9 record week
24 movies in top 5 since 88
5 Hgoty
77cr~ footfalls
Aamir khan:
18 hits
23 successful movies
9 bumper openers
5 record openers
5 record weekend
5 record week
18 movies in top 5 since 88
7 hgoty
51.5cr ~ footfalls
Akki :
32 Hits ( many chindi hits)
50 plus successful movies
3 record openers
6-7 bumper openers
8-10 excellent openers
2-3 record weekend
2-3 record week
17 movies in top 5 since 88
0 hgoty
2 blockbusters
89cr plus footfalls
Ajay devgn:
26-27 Hits
40 plus successful movies
2 record openers
2-3 record weekend
2-3 record openers
5-6 bumper openers
8-10 excellent openers
10 plus movies in top 5 since 88
O Hgoty
70cr ~ footfalls

and some idiots ranking srk above Salman Salman will b the only actor who will b in the list of top All time actors list yes srk was ahead till 2008 but now everything is totally changed Salman has changed each nd every record book

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Shahrukh Khan

Salman Khan

Aamir Khan

Hrithik Roshan

Akshay Kumar

Ajay devgan

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also rajni sir kamal sir mohanlal garu chiranjeevi garu mamoothy in south are also big stars