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My guess is not before a year
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probably by december
so we can only have 1 or 2 big releases this year on xmas
and there will be lots of clashes next year too

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yes december is the earliest it seems

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By Diwali/Xmas.......................

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diwali is way too early i dont think theatres will even open by then properly


7 months left for Diwali. There is a chance.

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Life me normality kab aayega ye batao...aap ko theatre ko leke padi hai. Strange.

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It depends on how every country, not just India but UK handles this situation post lockdown. People will need to keep social distancing in place for the time being until it's safe for cinemas, restaurants or whatever crowded places to be reopened. Ideally, Dec or possibly early next year if the vaccine is ready.

Like I said in my previous post, movies may not release until 50% of the overseas market is open. I live in UK and obviously it's one of the biggest market for Hindi movies. So I'm sure things may get better within the next couple of months so that cinemas can reopen.

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kab aayega ye batana muskil hai per aana chahiye koe vaccine aane ke baad,

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not before next year ........

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by 2025 ..................

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