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Top 3 Superstars today




Since 2018 Akki vs Khans

Akshay 4 super hits , 1 hits
Salman Zero Hits
Aamir Zero hits
SRK Zero Hits
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SRK was no.1 from 1995-2007, Aamir in 2008-09, Salman from 2010-2017 and now Ranbir/Ranveer from 2018-2030.

Akki bhai was no.2 in 1994, 2007 and 2018-19.

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I agree. Khans are done now. Anyways they are 55 now, SRK can't romance, Aamir can't do quality movies and Salman can't make his average movies hit.

It is time for RK,RS and HR to rule now.

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Khans are done now. When did they announce their retirement? I believe Radhe and LSC are due for release. Aamir cant do quality movies....really??? One TOH made you beleive that? Salman cant make average movies hit....how? Last year Salman had a 40cr opener which shows stardom is intact

SRK needs one solid movie with hirani to show why he is King Khan. These three ain't some pushovers who are done.


SRK and Aamir ko ab commercial success me koi interest nahi hai.. Wo poore decade me ab 3-4 se zyada movie nhi karege aur wo v script pe depend karega.. non commercial movies v utha lege..

Salman movies karega har saal but ye Bharat, tubelight, race3, ready, bodyguard, dabangg 3 ye sab nahi chalne wala ab.. achi movie aegi festival pe to hit hogi nahi to flop aur Salman achi movies dene se raha.. Indian cinema move on kar rahi ab.. pichle 2 saal me Khans ne top grosser hi nhi diya hai..


SRK etne bade bade budget ki movies kiya hai kuch saalo main ab ye flop ho gayi to commercial success me koi interest nahi hai?

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Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh are the biggest stars today esp with 83 looking a sureshot success
Hrithik with one more hit will cement his place in top 4 stars but he has to be consistent now

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Opening se decide hota hai stardom. Yeh akki wale chindi hits toh ayushman aur love aajkal 2 wala hero bhi de rahe hai

since 2018

Highest opening weekend

Salman 100 cr
Aamir 98 cr
HR 92
Prabhas 80
Ranveer 75
Tiger 72
Akki 67
SRK 53

hahahahaha boy this got ugly for you

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to sallu kaunsa bade time tak number 1 tha , 2010 tak to woh top 4 stars me bhi nahi tha even akshay and hr were miles ahead of him just 7 years of good performance that too on festivals mean nothing when you are flop for majoirity of your first two decades


Haan toh bhai Akki ka working pattern alag hai which doesn't allow his movies to score so huge in opening but still getting 60cr + 4 times in a year is commendable. Further, if HF4 was a post Diwali day release it would have done 100cr weekend for sure because 75cr (i.e. next three days after pre Diwali weekend) toh wo 50cr+ weekend aur itni negativity ke sath kar gayi and Even MM had chance to hit 80cr if it didn't has a clash.
Kesari from which angle was huge Bhai. Na toh Director bada na koi proper Herion and na koi super hit music. Bas ek War angle tha lekin wo bhi properly handle nahi hua sahi se upper se tragic ending made it a disturbing watch. It was supposed to be grand scale movie but don't know why was not made in that manner.


@Sandeep Yeah bhai maybe its an apples to oranges comparison..we would have got the clearer picture had Suryavanshi gotten a proper release but then too arguments about it being a shetty and a multistarrer would have come up.

His working style is different agreed but those big weekends are not there. To be the undisputed number 1, you have to have all those things on your side.

@Saransh you better take your shit somewhere else. I'm not arguing with a moron like you who always has 2 same things to say. Sandeep is a guy who talks with some sense and discussions with him sometimes reach an impasse and it ends with some respect. You on the other hand, are a stupid fanboy who has nothing constructive to contribute in an argument.


Chalo "maybe" wagera ko bhi side rakhde toh you can't just ignore the claim of an actor for no 1 spot who is having 6.5cr footfall in a span of 14 months when everyone around is tumbling down.
About Sooryavanshi even I won't give all the credit to Akki because I am not like some blind fan base here who ignore every other factor when its about their favorite. Rohit Shetty is huge and thats a fact, when its his movie with superstar his contribution is atless 50%. So, it will be 50-50 between Akki and Shetty.

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I'd put HR at 3 but he isnt consistent enough. The top 2 wont change till 2023-2024.

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Lol.. Ranveer hasnt yet given a single good opener without either the brand, SLB, or banners around him.. He never has a hit riding solely on him at all and he just has been lucky that's it or for how he is in real to keep him in that place.. Ranbir was huge once and he still can be called so at least for what he was few years back and now if he could deliver 2 or 3 consecutive hits, he is back among the top.. And coming to Akshay, nop he needs to deliver big hits / blockbusters with footfalls and not just numerous "hits" alone to be compared with Khans..

And wait, the Khans are done?? Lol.. SRK is just one film away from showing his stardom, Aamir has gone nowhere, again all the possibility of retaining HGOTY with LSC and Salman just needs a decent script a little above D3 and Race 3 to shatter box-office records..

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Big superstars are decided on Big grossers not on no.of hits.

Last time akshay kumar crossed 1.7cr footfalls minus Rowdy Rathore was came in year 1994.

More than 25 years but not a single film of 1.7cr ffs.

Akshay kumar last bumper opener was singh is king 2008

Akshay kumar is yet to give a 30cr opener and 70cr weekend
When his counterpart Salman ( 100cr weekend 4 times ) has 8-9 films higher than his highest weekend.

But for u akshay kumar is no.1 star bcoz he gave some Chindi hits back to back but not a single film ran bcoz of him.

13 years no Bumper opener

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Holiday har kisi ko nahi milta saaransh. Earn karna padta hai. Btw check out what tees maar khaan, action replay did on holidays. Lmaooo.


if sooryavanshi release on eid it will be sureshot 100 cr grosser


Bhai pehle se hi gawaar tha ki course kiya ?

Tzh weekend (friday -sarurday - sunday ) non holiday is 115cr

Singh is bling national holiday opening in 2015 - 16cr
Prdp national holiday opening in 2015 - 40cr
Pre eid opening of Bajrangi bhaijaan - 25cr

Mind you , singh is bling is franchise masala film LMAO


Dont forget brothers, gold, and some others which had a national holiday involved..and the end result?

You know what it is.

Jiss bande ki movie shift ki jaaye usko bina bataye.. uski kya stardom aur kya standing

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1) amir khan
2) salman khan
3) srk

Because khans flop movies footfalls more than akshay kumar hit movies footfalls

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Wish no 1 is based on your criteria so that Salman is the undisputed no 1 in the 90s as he has the most hits then

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yes, Akshay will have half of Salman's hits, opening records etc in the 90s ,By the way, you are not Akshay fan but Salman Khan hater since I knew you for years


years hahahaa
yaa you too seem to be more of akshay hater than salman fan tbh most members here are


Talk of yourself. You're not an Akshay fan. You very well know who you are.


you better talk about yourself whether you are sallu fan or akshay hater
i dont mind listerning to these bizarre but funny theories anyways

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Top 3 Superstars In Today's Time -

  1. Content

  2. Content

  3. Content

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Agree, content plus event movies like dhoom, golmal, houseful etc.

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salman ka stardom abhi bacha hua hai per movie 2017 ke baad nahi hit hue hai.

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it should be
if you are strictly looking on collection and verdict..Still canadian is out of top 5

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