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1988- Tezab HGOTY 

1989- Ram lakhan (2nd)

1990- Dil HGOTY 

1991- Sajan HGOTY 

1992- Beta HGOTY 

1993- khalnayak 2nd


From 1988-1995 , She stole the limelight of the movie from the costars she starred and was always the bigger star in the movie. In 1995 again she delievered the Blockbuster Raja on her own.

Only post  Raja ,1995 her career went into some form of low phase. 


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All Time Blockbuster -

  1. Hum Aapke Hain Koun

Blockbuster -

  1. Tezaab
  2. Ram Lakhan
  3. Tridev
  4. Dil
  5. Saajan
  6. Beta
  7. Khalnayak
  8. Raja
  9. Dil To Pagal Hai

My all time favourite actress


Beta maybe superblockbuster


sure superblockbuster, beta having more than 3cr ff.

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Salman khan is luckiest superstar of history...he just got his name involved in many big hits without having credit.

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till 2010 he was just a supporting actor riding on other people success



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She has more than thrice the number of blockbusters than our all time SIR .

Hahahahah self troller

Blokbusters of all time SIR: 2
Blckbusters of Madhuri: 10

So its proven that she was 5 times bigger a superstar than SIR.

Also her highest adjusted grosser, 711 Cr
All time SIR's highest adjusted grosser, 206 cr

Also people having higher grosser than ATS,

this is just off the top of my head... list will go on and on

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that' is the thing sallu became a star with dabangg after being flop for almost 2 decades and only had 2010-2017 phase where he performed well
and sallu is not a self made star doosro ke bharose hits dene waale self made nahi kehlaate


Haha i really feel for you man. You can never argue on facts, blockbusters, atbbs, hgotys, record openers, atgs.

All you can blabber is nonsense such as 2010, flop for two decades. Really feel bad.

Wish your favourite was a big dtar. Then you could support him instead of bringing others down.


Dabangg 2

Salman has at least 13 movies which are bigger hits than akki's biggest hit.. at least have the sense and decency to accept the fact that he has achieved far more and is what 3 4 times bigger a superstar than Akki.

Akki is a star we all agree.. but he is not a superstar.. he is a self made star who succeeds on a low level


to salman kaunsa superstar tha 2010 tak he just became one with dabangg
and sallu is not a self made , doosro ke bharose hits dene waale self made nahi kehlaate

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`hero ka kachcha chabaane vaali Madhuri dixit`


I agree Sridevi and Madhuri were indeed the biggest star in their movies in their prime.
My all time favourite actress

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Madhuri apne prime per sabhi co star se badi thi aur ye period almost 1990 to 1997 tha.

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flop kaun nahi deta per stardom 1997 tak tha.


bhai stardom to hamesha rahega imo she is the biggest actress ever along with sridevi


box office per kisi ka stardom hamesha nahi rehta .

1988 tezaab ya 1989 tridev en movies ke waqt maduri anil ya sunny se badi star nahi thi lekin 1990se apne co star se hamesa badi rahi even wo beta ka anil kapoor hi kyu na ho.


wo to hai but she deserved to be recognized as an all time superstar indian cinema is always male dominated but to become bigger than male co stars of your movies is a very stunning feat when only one or two female in indian cinema have achieved that

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She is Bigger star than any male star or female star in 90s Decade.
Many Actors got BLOCKBUSTER bcoz of her.
Waise ye pic. ek Forums ka hai waha aur bhi Tha Ranking, Hits etc of Madhuri Dixit wo sab pic. Kyu nahi laaya bhai ?

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bhai maine to twitter par dekha tha yeh , mujhe nahi pata forum me bhi hai yeh

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The last female superstar who had a strong run from 1988-1997. She gave bumper opener in Teezab, Ram Lakhan, Tridev, Dil, Saajan, Khalnayak, Koyla, Dil To Pagal Hai & etc. Those were movies with Blockbusters and Super Hits respectively even B grade film Raja worked due to her Box Office pull. She's my all-time favourite actress and very versatile with a pretty face. No heroine post-1997 could archive any those success Madhuri had in terms of stardom.

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Madhuri's peak was monumental. There is no denying on that. She was the biggest female superstar bollywood ever saw. She dominated Aamir in Dil, Anil in Beta, Sanju+ Sallu in Saajan, Salman in HAHK and then Raja was basically her solo blockbuster. Her phase between 1988-1995 was a GOAT female star phase. No female star can match that domination.

t's also true that Salman career was rescued by HAHK but Sallu's career got on track after that with Karan Arjun, Khamoshi,Jeet, Judwaa and then strings of hit films making him a top 2-3 star of 90s.

2000-02 was a bad period for him but he reinvented himself back with Tere Naam in 2003 and followed it with other hits like MSK, No Entry, MPKK and Garv and Lucky also opened strong. Then another bad phase between 2006-08 with 6-7 flops(excluding SA) and then came Wanted and after that he had one of the greatest box office run of all-time from 2010-2017 making him a megastar of this era alongside SRK and Aamir. Akki and HR are several notches below because they never had such stardom.

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Mumtaj was biggest in her time,but she left the industry ..

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She is one of the biggest female stars of all time. Credit to her. Killer smile, dance and acting skills she had.

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read her answer on who she wants to romance from the younger lot
and you might just like her a little less


She's been friends and has worked with Rishi Kapoor for a long time. Plus I wont dislike her for it. I'm not like you read autobiographies and make judgements on people.


my judgments are not based on just one source but through a variety of different sources so yeah if everyone of those sources are wrong then its my bad

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lol hit ka credit madhuri ko aur flop ka credit kisko? she was just part of multi starer movies except beta, raja, dil....

she was just lucky to star with reigning actor of their time like Anil (86-90), sanjay dutt (90-93), srk (93-97)....she has given string of flop with Anil kapoor once Anil kapoor's career started sliding...jamai raja, khel, jeevan ek sangharsh, zindagi ek jua, pratikar, rajkumar etc...during sajan both sanjay and salman were in great position but once salman started flopping she could not help him...though hahk was huge hit it is only because of suraj release stratergy and movie was immensely liked by families...but madhuri walked away with all credit because of looks and dance...she couldnt give hit with govinda, jackey, Rishi kapoor etc despite doing big movies like sahiban, premgranth, yarana, sangeet, prem deewane, mahasangram, pap ka ant etc...some member giving dil to pagal hai credit to madhuri when she has 7 big budget flop movies in row before that except koyla...other hand when sridevi was in fading career she has given big opening with old actor like Rishi kapoor in guru dev, excellent opening with anil kapoor in laadla... bumper opening with dark movie like Gumrah...

she only got credit for beta, raja, 100 days and hahk...in Dil both aamir madhuri got equal credit, khalnayak it was all about sanjay dutt...

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Nice tag line hero ko kacha khane wali heroin hum apke hai kon main salman khan to pura kacha khaya tha

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While other start gave blockbusters, SRK managed to give only average Anjaam even with with Madhuri dring her peak

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What about Koyla?


He got DTPH (1997)


With same reason, doesn't have solo 3 crore footfall movie in more than 20 years. That means audience doesn;t want to see too him in solo movies.


Ek hi rat mat laga ke baitho 3cr footfalls salman itna bada star hota to har movie 3 cr footfalls hoti jai ho tube light race 3 dabbang ye flop nahi hoti 3 cr football ke liye movie achi honi chahiye srk ka bad luck movie achi nahi mili phir bhi usne bakwas movies ko at lest hit super hit to kiya salman hota vaha to fusss sallu fan kitna bhi chillao, 3 cr footballs sabko pata hai srk king tha king hai aur king rahega in bollywood only 3 genuine superstar rajesh khanna amitabh aur srk baki chalti ka nam gadi

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Yeah yeah yeah..Every blockbuster and hit movi!s were of madhuri but every flop were male leads movie...

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2009 is considered to be a turning point in his career. And not surprisingly, it is the year in which Wanted was released. It established Salman Khan as the out and action star of the country. After Wanted, Salman again had a few films which didn’t work like Veer and London Dreams but, he cemented his place as the top star once again with Dabangg.

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....top star once again....., means he was top star before.
Don't say you don't believe in the Filmfare as you are believing in another lesser magazine


bhai everyone know he only had a prime phase in 2010-2017
before that he was not even in top 3 from 1990-2010 aise me bhi 50 article de du


Means you can believe newspaper cutting for your advantage but not others.
Forget all the tabloids, what is Salman's rank according to BOI in the 2000 s?


the above cut out from hindi magazine filmy duniya.....is type ke bahot saare bombay me road per milte the 1-2 rs me...isme kuch writer kisike fans hote the, woh hamesha isi tarah ke articals likte the....at that time many magazine used to hates khans rising popularity...especially stardust, filmi kaliyan, filmy duniya, king star etc....best film magazine was mayapuri...which was most popular among hindi audiences...second was neeraj screen and filmcity....filmfare was best among english magazine...

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In 90's All Movies Which Has Blockbuster Music Opened An Excellent Opener.... It's Not A Surprise At All. All Madhuri Dixit Movies Music Is Big Hit Due To Her Expression And Stunning Dance.

Dil, Saajan, Beta, Khalnayak, Raja, Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Dil To Pagal Hain, Tezaab, Ram Lakhan All Has Out And Out Madhuri Dixit Show Due To Dance And Expression Her Looted The Stages.......

Dhak Dhak Girl

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also khel, aarzoo, dil tera ashiqu, prem granth sahibaan, sangeet, yarana etc...

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Tezaab :- Blockbuster (Anil)
Vardi :- Average
Ram Lakhan :- Blockbuster (Subhash Ghai Show)
Prem Pratigya :- Flop
Muzrim :- Disaster
Ilaaka :- Flop
Tridev :- Blockbuster (Sunny)
Kanoon Apna Apna :-: Average
Paap Ka Ant :- Flop / Disaster
Maha Sangram :- Flop
Dil :- Blockbuster (Aamir)
Jeevan Ek Sanghursh :- Flop
Sailaab :- Flop
Jamai Raja :- Flop
Saajan :- Blockbuster (Sanju & Salman)
Prem Deewane :- Flop
Phool :- Flop
Khalnayak :- Blockbuster (Subhash Ghai Show)
Anzaam :- Average With SRK
Paapi Devta :- Flop
Yaraana :- Flop
Rajkumar :- Flop
Koyla :- Average with SRK
Mahaanta / Mrityudand / Mohabbat :- Flop

Aarzoo :- Flop With Tier 3 Akshay

Except Raaja Tell me ONE Woman Centric SUPERHIT Of Madhuri !!

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They deserve credit yes. But to suggest khans needed her for their success is moronic. Like them or hate them, they're the biggest ever. Ajay/Hr/Akshay none come close. It's the kind of domination none have had before them.


where did i say that khans needed her but in her prime from late 80s to mid 90s she was bigger star than her co stars she got maximum credit for all her movies at least till raja which no female star achieved in a male dominated industry


bhai till mid 90 kab tak hota hai....anjaam was because of srk not because of madhuri...just check ddlj and yarana opening and lifetime


prem pratgya and muzrim were hit movies.....but it was because of mithun not because of madhuri..

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Madhuri Dixit , my all time favourite actor from INDIAN CINEMA male/female combined
the charm the looks acting no one comes closer
had ability to overshadow even the male stars opposite her
There will be none like madhuri ever

EK DO TEEN 4. ..........

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