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Aamir Khan  Average 90s  Good 2000s  Good 2010s

Shahrukh Khan Very good 90s  Great 2000s   Average 2010

Akshay Kumar  Average 90s Good 2000s  Good 2010s

Salman Khan - Bad 90s  Disaster 2000s  Great 2010s

Hrithik Roshan Good 2000s Average 2000s
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Decade 90s 2000s 2010s

aamir average good , good
srk very good , excellent , average
akshay average okayish good
salman average disaster excellent
hrithik very good okayish

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aamir average good good
srk excellent excellent average
akshay average good good
salman average disaster excellent
hrithik very good average

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This will be Final status of Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan in Down The Years Ranking once it gets updated properly - by BOI

1) 1990-99 (Not in Top 5) (Among TOP 5)

2) 2000-09 (No. 5 Position) (No. 3 Position)

3) 2010-19 (No. 4 Position) (No. 1 Position)

2019 is the 1st time Akki managed no2 Position
2010-15 Srk No2, 2016-18 Aamir No2.

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Where ❓in your own la la Land.
Because according to boi Salman was bigger than Akki even in 00's.


yaa supporting actor wise he was bigger
apne kandho par bhai ne disasters ki parade laga di thi par


LOL Says a fan whose idol played supporting role twice in MSK and Jaaneman.


if not for supporting roles sallu would be playing side roles by 2002-2003 itself such was his condition

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90s- excellent
20's- average
10's - biggest

90s- good
20's- excellent
10's - excellent

90s- excellent
20's- excellent
10's - average

90s- poor
20's- good
10's - excellen

90s- very good
20's- very good
10's - very good

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aamir good good good
srk excellent excellent average
akshay average good good
salman average disaster excellent
ajay average average good

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Below is my analysis on our top 5 superstars across the decades:-

Shahrukh Khan Excellent 90s Excellent 2000s Good 2010s

Salman Khan Very good 90s Average 2000s Outstanding 2010s

Aamir Khan. Very good 90s Excellent 2000s Excellent 2010s

Akshay Kumar Average 90s Very good 2000s Very good 2010s

Hritik Roshan Excellent 2000s Good 2010s

Ratings are:-

Very good

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Aamir Khan -- Good 90s, Good 00s & Terrific 2010's

SRK -- Fantastic 90s, Great 00s and Average 2010s

Akshay Kumar -- Excellent until the mid-90s, Very good 00s & Superb 2010s

Salman Khan -- Fantastic 90s, Average 00s & Terrific 2010's

Hrithik Roshan -- Terrific 00s & Good 2010's

Ajay Devgn -- Superb 90s, Average 00s & Good 2010's

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in what way was 90s bad for Salman?

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Not exactly bad but he wasn't a big star until late 90s. His 90s stat are basically helped by 1990-1991 & 1999. In between that, it was rough patch.


Until Judwaa IMO

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Aamir Khan 2000s Good ?
Aamir was the Most Successful Actor between 2000-2009
After Back to back Record Openers All time GROSSERS Aamir Khan was far too ahead of Rest
Even Anti Aamir BOI Admitted AAMIR 2008/09 (only 2 years ) is one of GREATEST RUNS ever by a male lead in the history of Hindi cinema

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he gave one hit in 7 years from 99 to 06 still put him in good category

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Srk 90s outstanding ( 2 all time blockbuster 3 blockbuster )
Srk 2000s - very good
Srk 2010s - average

Salman khan 90s - good
Salman khan 2000s - wrost
Salman khan 2010s - outstanding

Amir khan - 90s - good
Amir khan - 2000s - good
Amir khan - 2010 - outstanding

Akshay kumar - 90s wrost
Akshay kumar - 2000s good
Akshay kumar - 2010s good

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90s: Good
2000s: Excellent
2010s: Excellent

90s: Very good
2000s: Disastrous
2010s: Excellent

90s: Very good
2000s: Excellent
2010s: Average

2000s: Very good
2010s: Average

90s: Disastrous
2000s: Good
2010s: Very good

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Filmfare says Salman Khan returns ONCE AGAIN AT THE TOP with Dabangg.
**When was he the top star?
If Sunny Deol is accepted as top star of the 90s because of opening,then Salman's record stands at Number 3 in the 2000s ?
Why hypocricy and bringing in number of hits?
For 2010s, it's obvious.BOI once said he is number 1 to 10?

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he was flop for most part of the two decades your manipulation of facts wont help


Wow! Who's manipulating? Never given my own views.

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Atg khan Aamir for both quality and Box-office

90s- Excellent
2000s- Maha excellent
2010s- Speechless( World's biggest star)

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Decade 90s 2000s 2010s

aamir average v.good , good

srk very good , v. good , bad

akshay average good v.good

salman average disaster great

hrithik very good average

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The people who calling Avaerage 90s for Salman khan are jealous souls nd hypocrite of highest order and these idiots call 90s excellent for srk but average for Salman on what basis? In 90s Salman khan had the best success ratio to hit ratio nd had 3 hgoty movies nd 2nd on what basis 20s decade was disaster for Salman nd 2010s decade is average for srk? Sharm toh nahi ati Srk fans ko aisi hypocrisy dikhatay huye so here is my ranking for these stars unbiased:
SALMAN KHAN excellent Good Biggest
Srk khan excellent Excellent average
Aaimir khan Very good very good Excellent
Ajay dvgn Very goog very good very good
Akki kumar Good very good very good

answered by Production Accountant (28.1k points)

everyone apart from sallu fans know sallu was below average in 90s and disaster in 2000s to aise vaahyaat logic denese kuch nhi hoga

most flops in 90s
most disasters in 00s

but but sallu has excellent 90s and good 2000s hahahahaha

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I'm gonna go ahead and give verdicts on each actor's decade.


90's - Blockbuster
2000's - Blockbuster
2010's - Semi-Hit


90's - Hit
2000's - Disaster
2010's - ATBB


90's Super-Hit
2000's Super-Hit
2010's Blockbuster


90's - Below Average
2000's - Hit
2010's - Super-Hit


90's - Semi-Hit
2000's - Flop
2010's - Super-Hit


2000's - Blockbuster
2010's - Average

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Aamir Super Hit in 90's , Salman Hit Ok
Wait for Boi to update

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SRK- outstanding, excellent, average
Salman - good, average, outstanding
Amir - good, v. good, outstanding
Akshay- good, v. good, v. good
Ajay - v.good, average, v. good
Hritik - excellent, average

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Using mr hola’s technique

Aamir khan
90’s super hit
00’s blockbuster
10’s blockbuster (missed atbb by doing less no of movies)

Salman khan
90’s super hit
00’s disaster
10’s atbb

Shahrukh khan
90’s blockbuster
00’s blockbuster
10’s flop

Hrithik roshan
00’s blockbuster
10’s hit

Akshay kumar
90’s average
00’s hit
10’s super hit

Ajay devgan
90’s hit
00’s average
10’s hit

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