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NTR Jr has lended his voice for both versions. Commendable Hindi diction. 

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Great hopefully JR NTR will dub for his role in Hindi too hearing dialouges in his own powerful voice would be good
Coming to this really looking forward to this although don't know what future has instore for us

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yaar in sambar masala movies ko kam se kam theatres se to door hi rakho vaise hi tv par aatank macha rakha hai inhone

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Just bcoz you think they are torture doesn't mean you have to be a racist


Bro, if bwood doesnt make movies for general audience then that sambar industry will take over bwood soon.

bwood has failed to garner audience from hindi heartland.

Collections from Madhyapradesh,Delhi/UP,Bihar,Jharkhand,Chatisgarh,Rajasthan shows how much they value hindi cinema.

For example,lets take the last year's highest grossing movie WAR.

Total combined collections of above states would be 115-120cr Nett max.

and compare this with latest telugu blockbuster Alavikuntapuram Lo Telugu states collections.
It did 155cr Nett in AP/TELANGANA.

Those 7 states i mentioned are 5 times to AP/Telangana but look how less they are when it comes to boxoffice collections.

Bwood is more interested in satisfying multiplex audiences.

Yes i agree telugu movies and few tamil movies are illogical ,over the top,forcing comedy scenes or songs.But they are succeeding in satisying their audience and increasing their markets by bringing language feeling or native feeling,which is difficult for bwood.

So bwood should make more movies like war,tzh,sultan and take risk and make high budget commercial movies with essential entertaining elements,so that they bring lot of boxoffice collections from the above states i mentioned.
If we get atleast 40% of the collection (like telugu states) for hindi cinema from hindi heartland,then every 500cr and 3cr footfalls can be easily achieved ...

These days am shocked to see the twitter trending of big boss contestant like 1million tweets.
These bwood fans are also not doing for thier superstars .
Its better bwood superstats realize and bring the craze for hindi cinema and do movies for general audience.


ohh bhai i dont have any special love for bollywood movies hindi isnt even my first language

bollywood can die or be shutdown for all i care i saw maybe two or 3 movies in theatres in last 2 years
who gives a damn that ala whatevar made 300 crore still doesnt change the fact that south churn out those atrocious movies 1 after other i would prefer bhojpuri shit over that embarassing south movies anyday
that rajni and other south jokers does same idiotic movies one after other for decades you call them blockbuster movies i call them c grade charbas


Haha then u r a hwood buff and this forum will not suit u as this is purely about boxoffice stuff..

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Is that NTR voice in Hindi...Looks good mahn lot better than prabhas.

But I didn't get why Sitaramaraju in police uniform???

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1000cr in India, SSR is GOD of Indian Cinema

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I doubt this film can cross 600 cr,because tamil and kerala audience will not watch this movie for sure.

telugu alone will do 350cr gross worldwide.
knataka will contribute 80-100cr gross.
hindi worldwide can max contribute 150cr.

This story which is related to real freedom fighters will have lot of fiction.

Rajamouli should have gone with a fictional story ,rather than showing real story with fiction.

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Ram charan's character is getting introduced 1st ..
Why Junior NTR's character is calling him as Anna ..

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Because Ram Charan is playing the character of freedom fighter Alluri Seetharama Raju.
NTR Jr will be playing Komaram Bheem. In real life, Alluri Seetharama Raju is elder to Bheem so he is calling him annayya even though NTR Jr. is elder to Ram Charan.


Why didn't they swap the roles ..
Is Jr NTR's character is inferior to Ram if so thn y he agreed to the same ..
Wht abt fan wars ..


SSR would've offered them the roles believing their capabilities. Plus Adivasi character, I believe NTR Jr can do more justice even though Ram Charan proved his skills in Rangasthalam. Anyways NTR Jr is the stronger performer between the two.

Two freedom fighters & how can you gauge one being inferior?

As of now the fans have patched up or say teamed up. Probably Mahesh Babu fans might troll as his father Superstar Krishna had essayed Alluri Seetharama Raju character in the 1974 classic & since he had made it iconic, Ram Charan performance is bound to be compared.

Super Krishna as Alluri Seetharama Raju

Mahesh Babu (child artist) mimicking as Alluri Seetharama Raju in one of Krishna's films.

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I am surprised over Jr. Ntr's voice in Hindi. He is damn good. And Ram Charan's efforts are showing here. Its gonna be great. MM Keeravani taking care of the music. Awsome.

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