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Recently Rohit Sharma bashed ICC for not considering him as the best player of the pull shot.

Amongst Viv Richards, Ponting and Rohit,who is the best player of the pull/hook shot?
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almost all West indies batsman

but stand out would be

Richie richardson (the best hooker and puller of all time for me)
Roy fredicks
Gordan greenedge
Clive lyod
Viv Richards
Desmond Haynes
even batsman like shevin campbell,

michel vaughn, from England
Andrew Hudson, ABD viliers (south Africa)
Rickie Ponting, Gilly (Australa)
Mohinder Amarnath (India) now rohit sharma
martin crow (New zeland)
Arvinda D'silva (Srilanka)

very less asian batsman plays this shots....Inzamam, Ashraful, hafiz, kohli, Lakshman etc plays better...

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True. Amongst contemporary players,(in the 1990s and 2000s) Ponting is definitely the best player of the pull shot. The way he used to pick up length so early, rock back and pull it....was a treat to the eyes.

Inzamam was another one I've seen, was very very good with the short ball. Unfazed by pace. That man had all the time in the world to play his shots.


for me since 90s Lara,ponting and Hudson are best puller...if hudson score 100 runs his 50% runs used to came through pull shot...
Personally i likes lazy batsman, their batting almost look graceful...inzamam, mark waugh, rohit sharma....u cant take away ur eyes for a minute when these batsman going great....

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Brajesh if you dont care about odis, why did you post a pic of Sachin pulling caddick in an odi game? Additionally, Richard's was a giant in test cricket. Playing on uncovered pitches against the fastest bowlers and amassing over 8000 test runs at an average of 50 needs some talent ain't it?


richards was a legend and a odi giant he introduced the aggressive and domineering way of cricket which was unknown back then but technically i would pick sachin sangakarra lara above him in tests and even in his era gavaskar was much better in tests and by odis i mean todays cement track laid there to murder bowlers


Every era needs to be respected Brajesh. Yes standards of bowling have gone down in odis, but credit needs to be given to Kohli, Warner or an ABD, it isnt easy to score that mountain of runs even on flat pitches. In test cricket, yes Gavaskar was a legend and in the same league as Richard's in the 80s. No questions on that.


yaa that i agree about it is not fair to compare different era but we can still judge the technique of batsmen in different times i feel the late 80s to 90s were the most difficult times to bat with great bowlers in both quantity and quality plus the odi game was also becoming mainstream so they also have to keep up with the economy rate

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Ricky ponting....


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well i know many good hookers cannot chose one out

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viv was best....................

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