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Ajay Devgn will have an extended cameo so I guess I may watch. Hope he quickly starts shooting the Kaithi remake once this terrible situation cools down otherwise this film won't even release on February 2021. He's has a great line up but got feeling that there will be some bad news in terms postponements for his upcoming films.

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I have no doubt on the capabilities of SSR but time again & again movies based on Independence or patriotic theme didn't succeed on big level ...

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as if they are not enough to torture on television sorry will skip the sambar masala movies , not intersted

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It might end up like BB, one never knows.


ek bahubali ki jagah 1000 movies ka torture kahan ka insaaf hai

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Rise, roar, revolt.......... Hahahaha what the heck

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Yehi karta reh bhai. This film will be big.

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Biggest and Most awaited film for me. It will be surely highest grosser of the year. Rajamouli,s class+mass

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Very poor title. Everything else is fine.

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