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2 and a half men ---> best comedy series everrrrr.......

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Full House
Two and Half Men
Drake and Josh
Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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If similar to Friends, then go for the following :

The Big Bang Theory
How I Met your Mother
Two and a half men
Two broke girls
Melissa and Joy

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Two and a half men
Big bang theory

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You should watch Sex Education and I am sure you will fall in love with it.

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if you're only looking for series similar to Friends, then my choices would be:

  1. HIMYM (it's a better show IMO but it has taken a lot of ideas from Friends)

  2. The Big Bang Theory

  3. Community

there are plenty of others with similar humour, but I have picked these because they are all about a group of friends hanging out and getting in relationships and just going through life.

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Community - how would u rate it? I mean better than other two?


It's good, but not better than the other 2. The show is only in true form for the first 3 seasons. Then the guy who made the show was fired for season 4. He came back but then the cast kept changing.

Comparing the first 3 seasons to the ones above, it would be on par with TBBT and slightly below HIMYM for me.

But it is a show that takes more creative risks and is willing to experiment. For example one episode was almost 100% claymation. And it was also popular for it's meta (self-referential) writing. It was made by the same guy behind Rick and Morty, so you can guess some of it's style.


Oh thank you for giving me so clear idea bro..

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