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Global Box office: $42.5 Billion (Highest of All Time)

Top Markets

  1. North America: $11,350,000,000
  2. China: $9,124,716,446
  3. Japan: $2,228,942,768
  4. United Kingdom: $1,722,657,233
  5. South Korea: $1,684,108,499

India at number 7 with $1,227,318,406 which looks like they took official numbers for Bollywood and Hollywood coupled with their provisional data. Actuals shall be $1.55-1.6 Billion.

Will update more stuffs, if I deem shareworthy.

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footfalls me to india top 2 me hoga par as atp is low

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yep. Movie going culture is very developed.


Brajesh miya READ North America, population ~600M.

The word Overseas Market Makes sense in North American Context..
Over Atlantic to Europe & africa, Over Pacific to asia & oceania, Over Gulf of Mexico & Panama Canal to South America.

Don't ask Indian Context here nepal pakisthan bangladesh also overseas for us.


@lxbsh I think you mostaking Mexico and Central America are also included in North America box office. Nope.

Only Canada is added to USA. Canada is roughly 10% of NA.


@jat Ohk, but I didn't include 7 central american minions states & Caribbean nations in it.

Ya But I thought Mexico is included in NA distribution & tracking though ....As most of North American trade deals like NAFTA/USMCA inc Mexico.

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