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I personally dont think  music will be backto its glory days

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It was already on its last leg a year ago and audiences have given up. That's why Indian Cinema has already lost its credibility in the music department with less originality. Anyway, I don't care anymore because I prefer to listen to the old songs from the 70s to 00s.

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70s were golden
90s excellent
80s good
00s okay
10s mehhh


Golden age for music was the 50s and 60s. 70s and beyond doesnt even come close.


60s and 70s were great 50s i dont like(listened) much


I dont like the early 50s. Late 50s is brillant. Rafi, Kishore da and Mukesh were once in a lifetime singers. None after them were even half as good.

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You might also see the remix of the same song remix that is used in the same film..one with mika for male version and then with neha for female version.

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Hindi music will be dead soon. The 50s and 60s was the real golden age. 70s and beyond was good too. Now, old gems are being recycled and nothing more to it.

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Remember the early 10s when we have every 3/5 movies being remake or inspired by South Indian movies, it felt like the imagination of Indian filmmakers was dead. Fortunately, that time passed and after the 2015 we have got some really good original big budget movies. So, right now music industry is going through same phase but this phase will pass and we will get the right kind of music. Hopefully......

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Even Aritjit songs now mostly sound the same. And they get stale after 2-3 months. Earlier in the 90s, the melodies used to last and they are still evergreen.


Actually you can't blame it on Arijit, its the lyricist and composers who need to pe blame as songs of Kabir singh was so good when efforts from everyone from were appreciable. Its not only the Singer who makes or break an album. If composers and lyricist do their job properly then songs of most of the popular singers will be pleasent to ears.

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