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I came across a few articles a couple of days back when Devdas was selected for the Oscar's and Aamir said he did not like the movie and would have played the part differently. What do you think could have been the movie like with Aamir in place of SRK?

P.S: For me Aamir wouldn't have been able to do it as well as SRK did.
Source Link: https://m.rediff.com/movies/2005/apr/01aamir.htm
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kindly translate this meme


C'mon bruh you might hv seen PK ryt ..
When PK enters the police station to file complaint against God ..
When the constable discovers a christian doctor's name card from PK's wallet..
What the inspector replies to him ..


@Baadshah Dange karwayenge kya aap..

Do you want to start a riot.



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haha uss time amir ko koi puchta hi nahi tha nepotism ke vajah se industry me bacha raha

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Aamir ko sbki movies se problem hoti Amitabh ke Black se Srk ke devdas se...unko bas apni movie achi lgti hai ..
Lekin sach to ye hai kii unki bhi mostly movie Average lgti Audience ko except 3I & DANGAL usse phle 1st & Last TZP ...

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Dil, Rangeela, Raja Hindustani were immensely loved across the country.

And well Lagaan & Rang De Basanti made him what he is even before TZP, 3 Idiots happened.

But ofcourse he wanted to make a point by criticizing Black without realising Big B won't hold back. And his views weren't justified. He just didn't present his case thoroughly, relied on his emotional stance to justify his views. Same like him being in tears after watching Katti Batti.


He has problem with Every Actors..
Dil & RH are Not Good Movies only SONGS are Good.
In Rangeela his performance is Good.
After That SARFAROSH, LAGAAN, RDB,TZP,3I,DANGAL are only His good movies.

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On being asked whether he had seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Aamir said he did not like the movies and would have played the part of Jack Sparrow differently.

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Sanki launda and I am lost soul, you guys are lucky Rancho isnt active. Or else world war 3 was loading.


TOH was anyways better than Pirates of the Carribbean..


"he did not like the movies and would have played the part of Jack Sparrow differently."

He definitely played the part differently.


buhahahaha.............answer of the month for me Sanki

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The comments on Rediff.com

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I think he would have done it better than SRK. But the scale on which Devdas was made, it would have been difficult for movie to have reach which SRK provided it. The character would not have been as popular as it is now. SRK has his own style, of which even Aamir recognized on Koffee with Karan. So the scenes and dialogues would not have been as popular as its now, if Aamir would have done it. I am sure , Aamir had problems with SRK hamming in the film. But that hamming and overacting made SRK star. So it could have been better film, but boxoffice performance and popularity would not have been achieved.

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Make that 4 films. Dear Zindagi. He just owned that character. It won't be the same with anyone else other than Srk. Simple. Ah Gauri could see it, how could everyone else right from Yash Chopra to Imtiaz to Rahul Dholakia missed it? Won't name Aanand since they got it all wrong the moment they started writing.


Suhas: bro the kind of performances you mentioned Chak De Swades.....i think Mohabbatein, Pardes, KHKN also falls in that category of SRK playing characters in a subtle, sweet, honest manner......and these films were not bad at least when telling story of SRK's character.....even MHN, though not a great performance.....but good laid back approach......then Suri of RNBDJ and Major Samar Anand of JTHJ, then Aryan Khanna of FAN.....even his performance in Dil Aashna Hai is different from what he did in Deewana or other films at that time.....just talking about the calm anti-SRK approach


@Baadshah was talking about films post 2003 where he grew as an actor. Had more control on his performance.

Wouldn't rate Mohabbatein as his better performance. Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa definitely always among the best. Pardes is right there if not in the top 5. Main Hoon Na was in the end Farah's film where she replied more on the star & showcased him as the way she likes to. never truly got any "performance" out of him. But always a fan pleaser as she thinks like a fan.

Suri was very good but Raj was equally terrible. Aditya Chopra never really got the blend but always got the best in half. JTHJ was nah, he didn't have to move his little finger, played oversafe. If the director had challenged him then he would've just come up something like never before.

Aryan Khanna lost his way right after the police station scene. He was much better as the star as he played himself. Much of the 90's or till Veer Zaara, hamming took the best of him. And he was good at it coz no matter how much criticised him for it, we as an audience loved those acts. Critics shout how he hammed in Baazigar, I wouldn't buy any performance other than Srk's in that role.

Just look at how he conveys through his eyes in Raees. And see how in the same film, that very talent is grossly ignored. It's like they just didn't want to test him. Imtiaz thought / assumed he tested Srk, just that we as an audience didn't buy it due to film itself getting you that restless. JTHJ, Ra.One, Don 2, CE, HNY, Dilwale, Fan, Zero... The last decade definitely is hurtful not just for a fan but even an admirer. That is why Dear Zindagi stands out big time. It's just pure pleasure.

I go through the same with Salman in last decade. Back to back films showing glimpses of his acting skills but ultimately relying on stardom. But one Sultan changed the equation. If Bajrangi changed the equation in terms of quality of the film, Sultan changed the quality of performance. That is why I liked Tubelight, that was an honest performance. That is why Race 3 was harmful. His most dishonest performance since Yuvvraaj. But then Yuvvraaj did had glimpse of his "acting", Race 3 had none or whatever it had was his worst version. Bharat was again honest. Dabangg 3 was just trying hard to be relevant. The reason why I brought up Salman, up until 2017, it was clever writing & direction to properly put his acting skills to use. Be it Bodyguard or Kick. The director knew how to use & also portray Salman. That much justice was done. This lacked in entirety for Srk. For one, they failed to use his skills & they terribly got confused on how to present him to the audience.


disagree with some points......agree with some......except for few scenes in SRK's career....i never found him doing overacting......actually i m the one who likes overplayed characters and that's how i like Amitabh in Agneepath or Aamir in Dhoom 3...........Swades for me is an overrated performance in SRK's career......i see or like acting different to what many people including critics like........for the SRK in 2010s part, we had our first discussion back in Feb, March 2013 about SRK as Rizvan Khan.....lol.....it's been 7 years......you went for a job i think which is a good one.....people became so so successful in these 7yrs.....why i am not....lol

hopefully SRK in 2020s will be liked by admirers, FANs, haters also

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what to say. we all know much much Aamir loved SRK back then.

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Well at that time both aamir and srk had a very good relation..so he gave an honest opinion about his best friend.. I also didn’t like devdas that much..actually except hum dil de chuke all slb movies are boring..but there are some roles where its hard to imagine any other actor play it and devdas is one of them

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HDDCS doesn't stand a ground opposite Khamoshi The Musical & Black.

HDDCS doesn't stand a ground opposite it's source material - Woh Saat Din, if you do a proper analysis.


Yes khamoshi was also good but I didnt like black when I saw it, maybe I was too young at that time and then never saw it again..but HDDCS was probably my very first film of Salman so I still like it very much.

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Devdas RH se to better hi tha..............

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I don't think even Aamir would counter that.


I dont know how it became such a huge blockbuster.


Raja Hindustani? Music, plus the story, it reached to the masses. One should've lived in the 90s to truly know the reach of it's music. The kiss was a gimmick which worked too.

That script was a winner. It was a winner in the 80s, it was one in the 90s. It was in 00's. See what was the point of conflict in Srk-Rani's Chalte Chalte.


RH was complete mass movie due to kissing scene and songs , even i am not a big fan of devdas but it was for class audience and best part was complete look of movie .

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Kya shit movie hai devdas.itni overacting aur hamming hai usme.ladka ladlki ek doosre ke saamne 1 minunte ki khamoshi ek minute ka dioulogue .abe chal ve ..

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female actress ne acha kaam kiya film ko srk ne overacting se kharab kar diya.

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