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I watched the movie yesterday. It is freaking amazing and really scary too. Shot over 6 years, the efforts are there to see. I was disgusted to see BOI's commentary on this movie saying it has the same people associated with it as Ship of Thesus which was also crap. It's a shame this film dint find a big audience or much recognition.
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Count me in.
Also I regret missing it in the theater. I would've got my money's worth big time.


I watched in theatre twice and really happy to see standard Indian Horror movie.
Imo movie deserves Filmfare as well as national award but unfortunately noone even mentioned...



Most Underrated Movie of the Year: 2018 IBO Filmy awards winner

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Its one the best horror thriller I have ever watched. Everything in it was of world class standards. I loved it and recommended it to my lot of friends who loved it too.

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Yeah , and then I came to know the grandmother and the main lead's son is played by the same child actor. Brillant stuff.


Are you serious? I didn't know that! Wow mahn!!! Now I love this movie even more.....


@Sandeep, read this,


This kid played both roles. Took hours of prosthetics to become the scary grandmother.


Thats Mind freaking to say the least.....

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it wasn't like a great watch , you like many others just got surprised watching it because it looked like an honest product and well made.... and how it went so under the radar...as for me....not my kind of horror.... it was gruesome and disgusting kind... im more of a super natural spirits ghosts based horror liking type.... the type that gives you chills not cringe

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very good thriller............

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