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Reliance Entertainment's official Twitter handle just tweeted this cryptic tweet. Is it the return of one of the biggest blockbusters/trendsetters in Bollywood?

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Source Link: https://twitter.com/RelianceEnt/status/1237388614184472579
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News nonetheless


I didnt see sh1t.

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If ghajini 2 happens then it will be historical like the previous one.Buzz will be very high no doubt about it but it will be interesting to see how they will take the story forward.Waiting for announcement on his birthday.

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So you do got free time and bit more open mind to finally enjoy your beautiful creation.

Try to share more stuff like this, answer bit more, and react to this when i say that there are reliance messing with fans and there is SRK who is not even doing that.

Although he did showed his beautiful hair today which made me wonder, how can someone have such natural and powerful hair? And yes, i used the words powerful.

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I didnt see anything.


Me to Reliance.



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