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I found a blind Item on Pinkvilla. It may be due to Singham 3 because Rohit Shetty is trying to build up Ajay Devgn so that it sets up him for the sequel. Even the last sentence below where it says ''sprung as a surprise'' seems highly possible. Ajay did say a hint for the sequel will be shown in the film.

Top MALE STAR gets paid WHOPPING 10 CR for 10 day appearance in action drama shot under hush hush conditions

This has got to be one of the most well-kept secrets of this year! The movie is an action-thriller-drama about cops and touted to be a blockbuster. Directed by a blockbuster director known for his back-to-back hits, the film boasts of a huge star cast and has two stars from other movies in extremely hyped special appearances. The movie is toplined by a big male actor who is known to do art movies too. But now we have heard that one of the other male stars is not doing a cameo in the movie – but has shot for 10 days for a supporting role! Not just that he has been paid a huge daily remuneration (as per his star status and market-rate) adding up to a whopping total! But right now, everything is being kept under wraps, to be sprung as a surprise for the audience later.

Rumors are rife in the film industry about the extended role of the top action star (who has also excelled in comedies in recent times) who has had a big hit to his credit recently. While the star had shot for his cameo last year, he again shot for 10 days more, under very secret conditions and a location which only the team knew about. And for those extra days, the actor for paid a crore per day – amounting to 10-crore in toto (apart from his earlier remuneration of a three-day shoot)!

While the movie is about cop capers (the director’s favorite genre), the social drama revolves around politics and corruption too. When it was announced with much fanfare, the cast was talked about as the hero was working with the director for the first time. It was produced by a top filmmaker known to be close to the hero. Many action scenes were shot in foreign locales with the hero of the movie tagging his entire family to the cities and putting them up in luxurious hotels. But after coming back, the action-drama ran into turbulent times as the director started shooting and re-shooting many scenes. He was unhappy with some of the scenes, so he kept adding more.

The director is doing two more films with the action star (in the supporting role) so on the basis of his friendship with him, he asked him if he could shoot some more days. The actor agreed but by now with his recent blockbuster, his market price had got hyped too. Also, he and the movie’s hero, while being great buddies in public, never really got well in real life. The hero is also one of the producers of the movie. The director and the action star shot for the extra days and the action and dialogue scenes have shaped up well.

Interestingly, though the movie has one hero and the others in cameos, the director has been promoting the teaser and posters with all the three heroes who have been sharing a warm rapport with each other.

It is expected that all the heroes will come together at a common platform to promote the big-budget cop caper movie for all events. But where does that leave the hero today? He is not just a top star but also a crowd-puller and all this doesn’t speak well of his star and BO status, does it...

Source Link: https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/guess-who/top-male-star-gets-paid-whopping-10-cr-10-day-appearance-action-drama-shot-under-hush-hush-conditions
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Because in terms of franchises and cinematic universe like these, brand value and ips sell more than starpower. Starpower helps but major pull comes from ips, characters, brand.

Akki is going through golden run and is ahead of Ajay in terms of starpower currentlybut "Singham" as a character is easily bigger than Sooryavanshi, infact it is bigger character than Sooryavanshi and Simmba combined.

So that's what's it's about. Afterall why do you think Simmba actually did what it did at BO??

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As SL already explained Singham is a huge brand name, I found both Singham movies way better than Golmaal which are frankly damn overrated. If this news is true and Ajay has a supporting role, be ready for 350cr for SV. No excuses for anything less than that.

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@intense agree Bhai , looking at posters and motion poster it looks a full on mass hysteria from March 24 should have been biggest Akshay Kumar grosser and his 3rd 2cr. Footfalls film.


When Singham 3 happens then Akshay Kumar too will an extended cameo. Yeah, Sooryavanshi will be Akshay's biggest grosser and footfalls.


Obviously it's a cop universe so everyone of the three will have cameos in each other's film, there might be some hint of singham3 in sooryavanshi.


So me, SSSD and Nikeel are discussing SV and Jordan has to bring in Sanju somehow. Man, has no one taught you basic common sense?

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I don't think either Shetty or the producers would be dumb enough to do this. They are basically overshadowing their own lead star to give footage to someone else? And that leas star happens to be on the verge of becoming the #1 star of Bollywood.

Agar ye kiya to they can forget coordination from Akki in future installments, and no other big male star will agree to join the franchise, as he would know that Shetty would go behind his back to give Ajay more footage.

So I think this is either false, or planted by the movie's team to get the fanwars more intensified, thus giving the movie free promotion.

Ajay will get his due with Singham 3.

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