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full of masala..............another BB from RS.

answered by Camera Operator (10.1k points)
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It's a Action Movie which Has Limit Audience (in 21st Century) Exception GADAR (2001) which is Last ALL INDIA UNIVERSAL Blockbuster in Action Genre.
But This movie will even Struggle to touch 2cr FFs.
83 movie will eat 3000 screen in 2nd week.

answered by Production Designer (12.5k points)

Indeed...people might be overestimating it. Btw why do you think gadar being an average film got huge 5 crore footfalls??


May be it's Average according to you.
Even I didn't like SHOLAY many scenes copied from 10 Hollywood Movies,, Movie is slow in mid parts.
Everyone has choice.
But truth is MI, Mughal EAzam, Sholay, kranti ,HAHK, Gadar & BB2
All are Best Movies of Their Decades.


83 will release in 3rd weekend of SV.

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He's looking poor in this pic. In the past year he had aged rapidly, and the haircut and clean shave isn't doing him any favours.

I hope he looks good in the actual movie.

answered by Executive Producer (64.9k points)
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So they are going to show the whole movie..anyway it won't matter for the audience as it's rohit shetty after all

answered by Set Designer (2k points)

rohit shetty owns mumbai circuit


plus 3 brands are coming together, cops/rohit shetty/akshay

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highest grosser both india and overseas for akshay
highest footfalls for akshay
biggest opening and weekend
all these records he will make with this movie cant think of many other stars who achieved this what akshay is going to achieve

answered by Camera Operator (9.8k points)
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Anything less than 350cr is going to be a disappointment.

answered by Super-star (165k points)

It needs to be close to this number @grand nova. Rohit shetty is the king of mass movies. Akshay's golden phase plus cameos from Ajay and Ranveer....it has everything in its favour.


250cr paar kar jaye yahi bahot hai...........


250 Cr is a very easy task beacuse only 1.8 Cr footfalls required. And if Movie generated that footfalls than it's an underperformer.


aaj kal 1.8cr bhi muskil se ho raha hai.

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It Is Required 2.53 Cr Footfalls For Breaking Chennai Express Footfalls Which Is Rohit Shetty Highest Footfalls Film. If Movie Got It Than It's Surely Cross 350 Cr Mark At The Box Office. But My Prediction Is Around 300-325 Cr..... let's See....

answered by Assistant Director (40.9k points)

2.53 cr ff trailer dekhne ke baad muskil lag raha hai.

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he looks a big misfit... he doesnt have that physique.. maybe an action flick like john wick will suit him but beating 20 people like in the masala movies will not look good with him...

answered by Unit Manager (38.8k points)

i think he is invincible.... golmaal again shouldn't have done what it did, or simmba, or chennai express.


CE was entertaining ..


it was terrible..and certainly not enough entertaining to become all time grosser.
it looked better because other srk movies in 2010s that compare to this were/are already disgusting.other than fan.
if there is only one explanation here to justify it its rohit shetty factor


CE is one of his best works man... it did what it did because it was good.. you dont reach 2.5 ff with bad movies

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It wont cross mohras footfalls

answered by Production Accountant (27.5k points)

Sare panoti yhi bhre pde h

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