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rambo should be made ASAP...... that movie will show tiger shroff better with his abilities.

baaghi 3 will take 35cr opening...... and rambo should also be in same range..but this movie.... doesn't look all that very convincing to be made before rambo
people love that kinda cinema.... just see how big uri was on boxoffice and acclaim

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Without First Blood, making a Rambo film doesn't make sense.

And considering, we already remade First Blood as Khaidi starring Chiranjeevi in 1983 which was also remade to Hindi as Qaidi in 1984 *ing Jeetendra. Why not make this Rambo: Qaidi part 2. It would be shame to have announced the film in Cannes & not yet even started filming it.

Baaghi 2 & Baaghi 3 are over using Rambo template in their final big climax fight.


i was actually talking about first blood...as that is the first in rambo movies..and this is the same format or like cousin format of URI which i referred to in my answer above.
i dont know why they would jump to 2nd 3rd before starting the first one.
plus i get why you would bring bring baaghi 2,3 here ..... and reason why rambo is not getting made.... because baaghi resembles so close to rambo 2,3.

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Gareebo ka John Wick.

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Hahahahahha. What is this crap? Discount John Wick?

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Ahmed Khan made a decent film Lakeer & it turned out to be a huge disaster at the box office. Guess he wants the audience + critics alike to pay for it.

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currently biggest action star of bollywood

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Where is that facepalm emoji? ...o yes ......doing another film...shit......again to bear his dialogue delivery ''sbko aati nhn, meri joooaaati nhn''...and that tagline is so true, World wants him dead....every acting lover wants him dead

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Bollywood has lost it.

Heropanti, no matter what I think of the movie, was still a genuine hit both theatrically & on TV. Atleast unlike Baaghi, Heropanti was a proper remake of Parugu & not mixture of multiple films. Why ruin a genuine hit that had a proper content?

You don't see anybody in South daring to make Parugu 2 & change the entire storyline + characterization. Baaghi franchise itself is minting enough money along with Housefull franchise, wonder what pushed Sajid for this.


money money money money money.......more money

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Second one is literally an image taken from Baaghi 3 and pasted onto a suit.

I really really hope that Baaghi 2 was a fluke.

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It's safer to say, nothing about Tiger Shroff is a fluke after War.


Yeah the kind of response war got proves that, Tiger is a genuine star in Masses.
It was promoted as Hrithik vs Tiger and the kind of response it got on opening day,though later it turned out to be a HR starrer through out.
Baaghi3 will open to 25+ on opening day and that's a number Ranveer failed to match with a Cop universe movie, Rohit shetty during the best release period of the year.

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The world wants him dead, hahahaha, they didn't wait till Baaghi 4 to make him vs the world.

And that second poster is direct copy from Baaghi 3 poster, ridiculous.

And i saw some tiger fanbois saying he >> KR, comical

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Well NGE is going full on with Photoshop since Bachchan Pandey though.

Proof they only shot for one poster or to say with one costume.

I can only hope for NGE to not resort to this level of cost saving with KEKD or Kick 2.

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It's another Blockbuster For Tiger Shroff. Heropanti Is A Hit At The Box Office And Most Importantly It Is Blockbuster On TV. And It's TV Rating Is Still Good After Telecasted So Many Times. Tiger Shroff Popularity, His Choice Of His Comfort Position And Right Choice Of Script Made Him Is Future Superstar........

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New action superstar he is better than john

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