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This is why Rohit Shetty wants to make this movie huge and he has a good mindset not only as a director but marketing as well. It's a great strategy to air this movie in the evening so that Sooryavanshi runs 24/7 onwards. Plus, mass audience are going to enjoy like most of Shetty movies. Therefore, it can cross 300cr being Akshay Kumar's highest grosser and maybe highest footfalls which is Mohra at the moment. I don't know about HGOTY but it will be a contender for it I would say.

Opening should be between 35-40cr which shall be expected due its hype and Akshay in action. Ajay Devgn will play a crucial part it with his special appearance. Regardless of what people, his screen presence will draw attention to his mass following. After that, it will set him up for Singham 3 which is something that I have waited for years to happen.

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3 back to back cop films might not be a good idea..rohit should make g5 after this movie and release it next diwali


He announced Golmaal 5 first and Ajay said it will happen before Singham 3. Therefore, he will be taking a break from his cop movies. Hope he books Singham 3 in advance preferably Independence Day in 2022. I want him to make Singham 3 huge bigger than prequels and Simmba & Sooryavanshi in terms of content, script and casting.

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100cr 3 day weekend minimum. akki biggest grosser inside 8 days.

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First 300cr movie of the year coming up.

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Seeti Lana mat bhulana kyunki "as Rahi hai police " a complete masala entertainer on it's way , khiladi is back with what he does the best and finally someone like Rohit Shetty will utilize his potential .

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Yes Finally

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Its a weird date but will not matter if its on the lines of previous Rohit Shetty movies. My bet on Sooryavanshi for HGOTY and even have a chance of becoming an ATHG for outright hindi movies.

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Biggest movie of the year.
If Ajay & Ranveer will have more than 20mins Screen presence then this can do some serious damage at the box office.
Most Safe bet for Hgoty and a sureshot Blockbuster.
Akki & Ajay Era

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Welcome Akshay Kumar (Ajay Devgn, And Ranveer Singh As A Extended Cameo) In 300 Cr Club And Highest Grosser Of The Year.......

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one man industry with biggest mass director of bollywood
still wont cross sanju sadly

koi toh sanju ka record todo 2 saal hogaye

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will do 300 for sure usse zada mushkil hai


Lets see....
Trailer might give a better idea but right now it looks to cross that magical 3cr footfall mark.


3cr Mark
3cr ffs would result in 400crs, now that's a tough ask


Yes it is but if SV is on the lines of RS previous directorials that its on. It can fall short by a big margin too but it do stand a chance.

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a 30-35cr opening day for this movie would be a disappointment.

even Mission Mangal opened to 29cr with clash. Sooryavanshi should be targeting 45cr, and ideally should go over 50cr and break War's record. especially with a holiday on Day 1.

if it doesn't, then it is proof that no matter all the hits and appreciation, Akki/Ajay are still behind Hritik.

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This isn't universal new year for Hindus but Mind you @Sandeep ,according to the solar cycle part of the Hindu lunisolar calendar this is by far the most popular/celebrated New year not only among Hindus of the Indian subcontinent but also among Buddhists and Hindus in many parts of southeast Asia.


But, bhai Gandhi Jayanti kaha reh gaya aur ye 2-3 states ki proper holiday kaha.


It's not equal to Gandhi jayanti which is a national holiday all across the country like Independence Day and Republic Day.
I'm also saying the same thing, my reaction was only due to you said Gudi Padwa is unknown.
It's a holiday in Maharashtra which is the biggest circuit of the country.


What I said turned out to be true bhai as Mr.hola thought that its a big national holiday. I am from north and I too came to know about this holiday just because of SV getting release on that date. This will remain same for someone not belonging to the core states where Gudi Padwa is a proper holiday.