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Best_Film -> Gully_Boy

Best_Actor -> Ranveer Singh

Best_Actress -> Alia Bhatt

Best_Director -> Zoya Akhtar.


GULLY_BOY (2019)  is Now 6th Movie which Has Won Award for All His 4 Major Category (Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Film) Others are Guide (1965), DDLJ (1995), KKHH (1997), Devdas (2002) & Black (2005)


Most Filmfare Awards Won By Movies 👇

Black (2005) -> 11

DDLJ (1995) -> 10

Devdas (2002) -> 10

Madhumati (1958) -> 9

1942_Love_Story (1995) -> 9

Kahoo_Naa_Pyaar_Hai (2000) -> 9

Omkara (2007) -> 9

Bajirao_Mastaani (2015) -> 9

Gully Boy (2019) -> 9

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This movie is the most overrated movie of the last decade imo.

answered by Location Manager (6.5k points)

100% true

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It's actually a joke these indian award shows , when "apna time ayega TU nanga hi to aaya that Kya gh@@@a leke jayega " is a better lyrics than "o Mai Meri Kya fikr tujhe kyun aankh se dariya behta hai tu kehti this Tera Chand Hun main aur Chand hamesha rehta hai" for these guys, hats off to filmfare.

answered by Assistant Director (44.9k points)
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If anyone little as much said that why are Indians running behind oscars as Filmfare are more credible then I'll fukc him or her up.

Total joke, no credibility and shame on world of cinema.

answered by Mega Star (224k points)

So what is next ? Love aaj kal winning filmfare for best movie?

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Not surprised....by India's Oscars

answered by Assistant Director (51.8k points)
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Well award for best actor will now always be in between ranbir ranveer alia and deepika. Next year deepika will win it. Also media will keep on supporting imtiaz and zoya.

answered by Art Director (2.6k points)
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Hahaha Ranveer Singh best actor instead of Shahid lol
And Alia bhatt wasn't even at her best in gully boy TBH
Anyways who cares for such awards

answered by Assistant Director (53.1k points)
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ye sab critics award lagta hai.......

answered by Production Designer (12.6k points)
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Ranveer was good though not the best... There were flaws in his portrayal but i think its good

answered by Assistant Director (40.5k points)
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Wow. They bought nearly all of them.

answered by Super-star (170k points)
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Not bad remake movie ko best actor award nahi dete filmfare wale nahi to amir ko ghajini ke liye 100% milta shahid also good

answered by Set Designer (2.2k points)

If it doesn't star their posterboys



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Ranveer ahead of Shahid.. Big joke.. But saw this coming... So it will be Alia and Ranveer or Ranbir every year unless they don't have a release..

answered by Executive Producer (67.6k points)

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