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1 Silsila

2 laawaris

3 shakti

4 namak hallal

5 bemisaal

6 sharabi

7 Aakhari raasta

8 main aazad hu
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Shakti will be ranked at the top. Barring 4-5, rest all were just good performances mostly repetitive from him in the 80s with directors or the actor himself not being tested to the true potential.

Honestly, Big B in Aakhri Raasta was nowhere match to Kamal Haasan's performance in Oru Kaidhiyin Diary. Infact Sridevi too brought in Sridevi elements but Revathi was too natural in the original. The whole film itself fell way short of recreating the magic of original. The fact that in Hindi they changed the way of the climax shooting it in sewer against the terrific Tamil original climax where old Kamal stands in for a statue to execute the revenge plan.. simply outstanding.

The likes of Namak Halaal, Dostana, Naseeb etc undoubtedly had Big B's good performance but that was about it. That was something people knew, none of these films elated the level & for a fact, we had seen him do this multiple times before. Be it comedy scenes or dramatic scenes, these films scenes didn't challenge him. The same thing repeated in the 90s. But damn in the 2000s Big B made the comeback which no other Bollywood star can or will ever make.

Shakti, Sharaabi, Silsila & Laawaris did. Ofcourse.Laawaris is a personal favorite so just like Muqaddar Ka SiKandar, I pitch it in everywhere.


For me it is Shakti..


All time dekha jaye to big b ke best role

1) deewar
2) trishul
2) don
3) mks
4) shakti
5) sharabhi
6) agneepath
7) amar akbar anthony
8) namak haram
9) namak halal
10) dostana

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Here's my top 10 performances from Amitabh Bachchan in the 80s.

1. Sharaabi
2. Shakti
3. Silsila
4. Laawaris
5. Do Aur Do Paanch
6. Yaarana
7. Coolie
8. Mard
9. Shahenshah
10. Bemisal

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Shakti is the best but my favorite is Dostana(Shatru also)

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I'll speak for the ones I've seen,

Do aur do paanch

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mks released in 1978...........




here i am taking about 1980s..........

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1) shakti
2) shakti
3) shakti
4) shakti
5) shakti

Shakti movie ka performance awesome tha dilip kumar ke samne aisi acting only big b hi kar sakte hai us sal filmfare dilip sahab ko mila tha big b also deserved

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