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Daisy Shah says her association with Salman Khan has only strengthened with time and she considers him to be her biggest support system.

Daisy Shah first got to work with Salman Khan as a backup dancer in Lagan Lagi (Tere Naam; 2003). Then they co-starred in Jai Ho (2014) and later in Race 3 2018). Daisy says their association has only strengthened with time and she considers Salman to be her biggest support system.

“I can discuss almost everything with him. Not just work but also my family stuff and personal issues. I’ve always been open about it. He’s my go-to man. I can go up to him whenever I’m stressed or stuck somewhere. I just have to call him and tell him to advise me and tell me what to do,” she shares.

On whether she’s happy with the pace of her career, she says, “It is stressful, sometimes, if I’ve to look at it that way. But everyone has their own journey to go through. My pace has been slow. I know and understand that, and it may not look that great.”

But Daisy, who has also ventured into regional films during this time, is not complaining about the way things have turned out to be. “From 2014 — when no one knew me — to now when people know me on a much larger scale, it is a blessing. I am associated with good brands, such as my concert tour with Salman Khan. I’d rather do that than take up work for the sake of working,” she says.

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Hoping to see her in kekd..

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