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I still hope Singham 3 happens but I heard some rumours on the net that Salman Khan or Hrithik Roshan will have a cameo in Sooryavanshi. That cameo will be like Akshay in Simmba where it will lead to a solo cop film. On paper, this may sound good but it will be logical for Rohit Shetty to direct Singham 3. Why keep waisting Ajay Devgn in too many cameo appearances? He's already had two and Shetty could giving a sequel in return for Ajay. With Akshay & Ranveer, it's already building up towards multistarrer film in future and I don't know how other characters will fit in this cop universe like Salman.

Honestly, Singham 3 deserves a sequel after Golmaal 5 and it will create an impact at the Box Office if made today. It's the best way to take Baijrao Singham's character forward and show his backstory that occurred during the events post-Sooryavanshi. Then Akshay & Ranveer can have cameo appearances.

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they should not expend it further. khans won't fit here. though strong rumors are there that hrithik will join the universe, don't think he will be able to do justice to the role of a desi-cop.
go for singham 3 post g5. then g6 followed by the biggie, sss.

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when sallu was asked about joining cop universe, he said, "Chulbul is a universe within himself."

radhe is a cop, chulbul is a cop and even devil is a cop now. ffs sallu spare cops.

hrithik has recently said that he wants to play a cop.

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Salman will be in it very likely but it would be pointless and repetitive for him to do a cop movie with Rohit Shetty even if it's Dabangg 4 or Veteran remake. That's why I said Singham 3 is better because it would be way to extend the Cop Universe.


as mentioned earlier, it is way better to go ahead with singham 3 rather than bringing sallu into the universe. ffs spare chulbul pandey, no one can do justice to that character. if shetty wants to do a movie with sallu then go for new movie (not a cop movie) post g5 and then follow it with singham 3.

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I think the reason Sooryavanshi moved from Eid is because Salman agreed to do a cameo at the end of Sooryavanshi as a cop.

And Rohit also recently hinted at a surprise cameo in the post where he revealed Jackie Shroff to be a part of the universe.

So I think Salman will be the next addition.

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If he's in it then Singham 3 won't happen. Then the question would be raised why Ajay said it this sequel will happen and he mentioned a hint will be shown Sooryavanshi.


I think Rohit will alternate between Golmaal movies and cop universe movies for a while. Golmaal movies will of course have Ajay, but there are other actors in cop universe too, so it's understandable that Singham 3 is on the back burner.


Yeah, I guess.

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Plenty of rumours floating around,I've posted a question on the same

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