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The average movie that it is, wouldn't have done big numbers even now.

In fact at the time MNIK released SRK had huge support and trust, so it managed to do decent business.

Today, given that trust in him is decimated, and the movie ain't anything special, it would get a flop verdict.

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Ideally it won't be facing any protests as the protests were basically due to SRK's opinion of having Pakistani cricketers in IPL which are already banned since 2009.

Other than that, there wasn't anything in trailer which could draw protests, except may be if some hyper nationalists drew attention to fact Kajol is a Hindu which bring to the fact that KJo of today won't have a Hindu girl marrying Muslim today, which defeat the story of film, which means My Name is Khan won't be made today.

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Well well first Shivsena won't do anything since they are secular now
The movie will face protest at another level than what it actually saw
In the end the MNIK if released now would do even less than what it did when it released originally so its actually good it isn't releasing this friday

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BO Result will be Shame In India it will be Debacle Without Ban, protest etc...but in Overseas it will be ATB

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Make a post for megastar. 32 Years of Shahenshah.

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Protest wale kya scene tha bhai iss film pe?

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Back in 2010? No Pakistani cricketers were selected for any IPL team which is followed till date. Srk like others, expressed his views about how some Pakistani cricketers should've been allowed. This irked none other than Bal Thackeray who demanded an apology from Srk. No matter who requested, Thackeray didn't soften up.

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Bhai Jo Baat Posible Hi Nahi Hai Wo Post Daalne Se Kya Fayda................ My Name Is Khan Released In 2010 And Everybody Knows The Result......................

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Flop. The movie wont gel in with the sentiment prevailing in India today. Plus SRK is no longer the force he used to be.

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