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Raj & DK confirmed the report during an interaction with Mid Day. DK told the tabloid, "It is our favourite script that we have held on to for a long time." He also said, "We met him and discussed the script. He enjoyed the universe that the film belongs to. The story has elements that resonate with us."

While Raj went on to speak about the official announcement stating, "It's up to him to [officially] announce it. He is working out his dates. We have been validated often. We were recently told that we don't make a bad film."

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Are they also trolling SRK. ' Working out his dates '


Well he has been busy listening to scripts. So understandable on the dates part. Can't say yes to one & make others wait simply till he completes the first one.

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I want it to be announced in late June, so that I can say that that I spent my entire 4 years at University without an announcement from SRK.

Zero was announced around a week before my first semester started. In my last semester now.

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Working on Dates. Come on SRK. You are attending some parties and events. Do what you do best. Act in a movie. Your fans want it.

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If Hrithik takes it slow again then you'll have to share the same answer by editing his name.

Coming back to Srk, hope he makes all the wait, worth it.


Hrithik will bring movies no doubt about it.

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Some of the most interesting and exciting subjects have gone to
@iamsrk.Strong hearsay that he would have four releases in a span of 2 years (2021-2022). And given the tentative list of his next four, he is SET for a formidable run from hereon! Ab Bus, Announcements Ki Deri - Himesh Mankad

@suhas told you yesterday. deadly line up loading. its high time srk and aamir remind the kids that they are still the rulers of the kingdom. wish sallu also pull up his socks!

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at max, first half of 2023. still the line up is very strong, best among khans. movies with yrf and hirani should be big hits at bo.

bhai will learn it the hard way.


Line up is strong. It would be shameful if Srk rejects Raju Hirani's film for the third time.

Like I said, Bhai has already learnt. He is working on it. While he was forced to announce Radhe, he is trying his best with his next move. Box office wise alone KEKD is a good move. And he knows he can't stick to that for long.


Box office wise alone KEKD is a good move

seriously @suhas? apart from the super talented director, the cast includes zaheer, ayush, daisy and sooraj. each one, on his own shoulders can stop audience from watching the movie.
if these four aren't part of the movie, then it isn't a bad move.

lets wait for his next move till march.

this time srk won't reject a hirani movie (even in dreams).


@God Father Well Zaheer, Aayush & Sooraj was strictly a news item based on "sources" which I shared here and added Daisy to it for fun. If they can get justifiable roles then why not?

Regarding director, no matter how much critics bash his work, he's still basking in all the success with Housefull 4.

Well, everything's a waiting game now isn't it.

In the dreams he might, those will be called bad dreams. If it's going to stop him from rejecting/delaying Hirani's film then let all his nights be filled with bad dreams. Since 2007 for one damn good movie, the guy owes us that much, no matter how much his own fans favour retirement gang.

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Hatt..... Inn dono ke saath nahi chahiye film.
Isse acccha to retire hi raho.

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"We were recently told that we don't make a bad film."


Who told them that ? Agree with SL. SRK should totally avoid this duo. Get in hirani asap. He's the only guarantee of a big success at present.

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no need to work with these nobodies

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When we want Srk to start working for heavens sake, you are putting a condition.


why do you want to see him in a sub standard film
i dont know even these directors never heard of them
and i follow bollywood a lot

he should wait for some bigger film