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As of now Saif Ali Khan has already confirmed doing Vikram Vedha. Obviously he will play the cop. Aamir will play Vedha unless any last minute changes.

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Ab to casting ho chuki hai, but I wish SRK had said yes to the movie. Seeing him in the Raees zone again but in an actually good movie would've been great. Plus having him and Saif together again.

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Hrithik and ranveer..................

answered by Production Designer (13.4k points)

Very Interesting Choice....

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Woaw Man as Vikram.
Retired Businessman as Vedha.

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Also didn't know you were part of the retirement gang.

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Such a bad movie vikram veda is..It would be better if it isnot made in bollywood..It will be washout for sure

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Aamir as both Vikram and Vedha!.....

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Saif and Aamir. If not Aamir then please SRK. He will nail the gangster part very well

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Ajay Devgn as the gangster and Ayushmann Khurrana as the cop.

answered by Unit Manager (36k points)

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