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Some people are going to bring this up ''Without Rohit Shetty & Franchise''. Let me tell you one thing, Ajay Devgn is a star and can give a Hit ''Without Rohit Shetty'' providing that the content works. Evidence has shown it in Once Upon a Time Mumbai, Raajneeti, Raid, De De Pyaar De & Tanhaji. SOS worked amongst the masses hence a Hit and he had Drishyam which was critically acclaimed.

The reason why he did not have Hits ''Without Rohit Shetty'' is because of the bad movies he like Himmatwala, Rascals, Action Jackson, Tezz & etc.

As far as Tanhaji goes, Maharashtra has played a huge part in it but Ajay Devgn's mass following has contributed to its success. To carry a big movie on your shoulders requires stardom and mass pull which Ajay Devgn has done. That's why it's performed well in Gujarat & Bihar where Ajay is the second popular actor after Salman Khan in these two regions. He's got followers in some parts Maharashtra like Solapur, Mumbai, Pune & etc.

So providing that content works then it will favor the masses. That's why Tanhaji has performed superbly in the mass belts especially single screens where Ajay Devgn's movies tend to work.

Tanhaji is Ajay Devgn is the biggest grosser beating Golmaal Again's lifetime collections and his second-highest footfall after Ishq. Frankly, I think it would be fair to give Ajay half of the credit for this film being a Blockbuster.
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Tanhaji was Ajay's dream project I guess and it was he only due to whom the movie became so grand and huge. So, most of the credit goes to him. But, see the opening of it, it was quite low I guess. If it was not for the low opening then it could have breached 300cr or possibly 350cr as well. He is the superstar but somewhat remains behind in the initial pull. I think he should do more movies like Tanhaji where he is the solo driver. In RS movies he somewhat gets overshadowed by the style in which RS makes movies and his potential both as an actor and Superstar remains unexploited. Further he should remain away from rom-com stuffs because people don't accept him there as DDPD ever after being so good couldn't get past 100cr.
Movies like Tanhaji should get bigger opening so Ajay really needs to up his game now because content might not click everytime. So, his movies need to take 20cr+ opening in any scenarios. This will further strengthen his clout over boxoffice as he seems to be one least affected actor from ageing.

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Yes he deserves credit. He's a major star and a brillant actor. Tanhaji was his dream project. And this time he did not go the Shivaay way either.

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Will you not blame him if it were a flop?

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Nikeel, you can not get what I mean?
Ajay isn't only your favorite but also mine, never have I say anything against him and always feel happy when his movies do good

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We have to give credit to him, but just imagine a film which will do 140cr in mumbai alone cant match collection of films like dream girl nd other 120cr movies in other circuits..
The reason here is also ajay... As he doesn't have pan india stardom..
For ex uri also a grew huge after weekend, and once good wom spread like fire, it did huge business down south north everywhere. Hero was vicky kaushal.. Many in the country doesn't know who he was, yet bcoz of wom nd deshbhakt theme movie made huge collection...
This is where tanhaji lacks.. If it had done good business in other circuits it would have done easily 350crs or even challenged dangal...
I think if akshay or hrithik ir ranveer were there then this film would have been sureshot 400cr movie.

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Hrithik yes because he's got more stardom and his BO stats are greater. If Akshay Kumar and Ranveer done this then it would have not done 400cr, never.

The reason why Tanhaji did average is because Ajay is not popular in Delhi, Punjab and other region. His mass following is limited to Maharashtra and Gujarat because I know a some Ajay followers who live both of the regions. I'm just his fan from overseas.


he is not in top5 in any circuit even in maharashtra ,but tanhaji was based on maharashtra theme so it did record breaking business


No, he's very much in the top five in some parts of Maharashtra e.g. Mumbai and Solapur. In Gujarat, he also has a mass following. As for Tanhaji, I agree with you on this point but Ajay's contribation help because he not only produced it but played the the lead role.

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