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Black (2005) Completed 15_Years (IMDB : 8.2/10)


Budget : 23cr.

India : 23.50cr Nett.

Overseas -> $7.45M (Blockbuster)

Worldwide -> 66cr.

Verdict : Average.

Highest Grossing Movie ($5.88M) & also Biggest Hit Movie (ATB) in  Korea Ever.

2nd HGOTY in Worldwide & HGOTY in Overseas.

Movie was Remade in  Turkey as  Benim_Dunyam.


Awards ->

1) Movie Has won 11 FILMFARE AWARDS Record for any Movie Ever by Crossing  DDLJ &  Devdas both has won 10 Awards.

2) Amitabh_Bachchan Won Both  Filmfare &  National Award For Best Actor Award in Leading Role & Also Filmfare For Best Critics Award for Best Actor.

3) It's one of 5 Film Alongside Guide (1965), DDLJ (1995), KKHH (1997), Devdas (2002) to Win All 4 Major Awards (Best Actor, Best Film, Best Actress, Best Director)


Dilip_Kumar After Watching this Movie -> If anyone Deserve OSCAR then it's Amitabh for Black (2005).


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I still remember going to this movie during 12th final exams without informing anybody at home when I was supposed to sit and study.

I had loved the film so much... My favorite scene is when Rani comes to meet Big B and he is chained. True performers.

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Black is one of the best movies I've ever seen and its concept is unique compared to Sanjay Leela Bhansali's other movies. It's not a surprise that Black has performed well overseas because it had that International look because of its concept. Frankly, its best movie Sanjay has directed in terms of cinematography, drama sequences, screenplay, characterisation and storytelling. I don't know why people dislike Rani Mukerji because she's such a terrific actress. She gave the best performance of her career in Black where she played a deaf and blind lady which is one of the challenging roles that not many actresses could pull off. I was glad to know that she won an award for best actress years ago because she deserved it.

What a breathtaking performance the megastar himself Amitabh Bachchan. There's a reason why he's one of the most versatile actors in Indian Cinema. His dramatic scenes was superb but the chemistry he had shared with Rani Mukerji was excellent. That's why he won an award for best actor.

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Amitabh performance in black was one of the best in indian cinema........

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Brillant movie. Absolutely amazing acting by both Rani and Big B. I was quite surprised that Aamir criticized this movie....was a big controversy back in the day.

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Aamir sir ko bas unki movie achi lagti hai...


Nothings like that. See twitter..... He has often praised many movies including Akshay's latest Good news. He is one person who has no ego... Black and Slumdog are the two movies which didn't work for me... We must respect that.


@9:52 watch......

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