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Though the stardom of Akshay Kumar has grown by leaps and bounds. But still I feel he is not the right person because neither he has his own style except in comedy nor he has a filmmaking ability like Aamir. So they have to justify the presence of Alli brings to the film. No doubt he is great at action but thats not his strength nowadays. So they have to do a completely makeover of Akki to cast him in Dhoom4.

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They doesn't need any makeover with films like sooryavanshi, prithviraj and bachchan Pandey are all going to be big action films, though still there is no official confirmation about Dhoom4 so it's better for us to wait then to jump on anything on base of these rumors.

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I can already see the asses burning out here. Nevermind, this is just a rumour and nothing else. But, there is a thing that how much people are craving for their favorites to star in D4 so that their careers would be revived while on the other hand Akki doesn't need that as he is doing great without Dhoom brand already. So, I hope YRF pays some mercy to the sinking careers of Megastars and gift them D4. Akki is already on good run without D4.

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Feeling sad for Uday chopra..The main reason for its success

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if audience can tolerate aamir khan hamming throughout the film then i dont think why they would not enjoy akshay

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Burning something....

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Lol I hope this doesn't turn out to be true. Desperately want SRK in Dhoom 4. But noone comes to help in your bad times. It's true.

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Not the right choice. Akshay despite his recent huge success does not enjoy pan India following like the Khans or HR. SRK should have been there imo.

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Hmmm. So Akki is replacing Uday in the movie. I wonder who the main villain/lead will be?

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SRK hi hoga there is no bigger star than him.

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These rumours for Dhoom 4 are nothing new unless YRF makes it a surprise on its 50th anniversary. I don't mind this sequel but they will need to change script otherwise they will repeat the same formula and settings. That's the problem with filmmakers these days is that they keep the same concept without even bothering making any changes to make it look fresh. Remove Abhishek Bachchan & Uday Chopra and cast an A-Lister as a cop against the villain if its Akshay Kumar or whoever gets to play the baddie.

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