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And honestly after over a decade, I would literally pray for Bhai to sign this film if possible.


he is not even in the picture. ajay or hrithik might star in it.


It wouldn't hurt to hope for this as a fan. I loved Kaithi. Bollywood would anyway will ruin it.

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as per rumors, ajay devgn will star in this one.
btw, how is the movie? saw the trailer, routine ott action

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OTT action only because of Karthi. The film went on to become a super hit despite clashing with Bigil.

It is a film with no songs. A story that happens over one night. Extremely tight screenplay & superb direction. Even the director's previous film was woven around events happening in a day & even that was a terrific film. Sole reason why there is expectation from his next film Master where he will be directing Vijay & Vijay Sethupathi.

Kaithi is among the best films to come out in 2019. Infact just waiting for the director to be done with Master soon so that he can the start the prequel to Kaithi.

Cops make a drug bust. The gang wants the cops dead. The crooked one infiltrate & ensure they drug all the cops so that they can kill them & steal back the drugs. With all the cops except the main cop drugged out, they reach out to the prisoner on spot for his truck driving skills to help take all the cops to the hospital while an open supari on the cops ensure on every turn killers are waiting to stop them from reaching the hospital. Also during the drug bust, cops have arrested few & kept them at the police station jail. As open supari is going on, the gang wants to attack the police station to free their gang members. Knowing this, the constables incharge run away leaving one older constable who has just been transferred & yet to report to duty officially along with few college kids arrested for D&D. So few innocent kids, one old constable with no weapon locked down in the police station along with arrested gang members while 50 odd gang is outside waiting to attack. All of these events happen simultaneously over a night. How will they all survive is what the movie is about.

No deviation, no unnecessary sub-plots, no forced comedy.. director straight up means business. It's a rollercoaster ride from the very first frame. The pic you see above is the OTT one but by then you're into the movie & you'll believe this is the best way to end this part while you as an audience desperately await for the prequel.

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Can HR please do this? Man....after giving hgoty for 2019, he's getting lazy again.

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