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Not just Bollywood. It's across industries.


Avatar was nothing special in terms of story, example......Hollywood audience will tear apart a grand film if it has bad vfx.....if next James Bond even with good script comes with pathetic vfx, what will be its fate, it might even flop


Subjective. Avatar was still accepted across the globe like never before. Such acceptance you can't say the story wasn't liked. If it wasn't then it wouldn't have been the no.1 grosser for 10 long years.

Vfx alone won't lift a bad film. You'll find all the right examples for that. Bond Series don't survive on vfx. That is just upgrading to the current norms. Bond Series without a concrete script will be a downer any day. No amount vfx extravaganza would save it. And the production house wouldn't be spending so much on bad vfx. And even if the film does have glitchy vfx & still a good story, it will be accepted.

Fast & Furious series has bad vfx over & over again. Don't see that bothering the audience.


I am not saying bad story can work....i am saying good story needs good effects also there while here you have Bahubali

Regarding Fast, i don't remember its bad scenes in terms of effects...maybe Dubai scenes.....not a big fan of Fast series.....don't remember much about that (except for Tokyo Drift scenes n Fast Five last chase which my friend used to play again n again) even after watching it till i guess Fast 7......yeh bhi yaad nhn k 8 dekhi thi ya 9th trailer i added yesterday in watch can't comment on that

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Its original release date was bad because it was between Prithviraj and Brahmastra. This one is better because Maidaan won't be affected and it will have a two-week run. Poster looks good and 150cr looks possible.

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It will have a good run till LSC comes since Brahmastra will anyways be a disaster.

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ajay why do you want to attempt career suicide after such a big success
worst release date of the year

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The date makes sense. Coming a week before Brahmastra will only result in loss of screens. This date, atlease his film will get a breather till Aamir's release considering Brahmastra will be a week old.


Jordan, a week will be enough to write Ranbir's career obituary.


where will you hide intense when brahmastra becomes the first 400crore hindi movie and ranbir becomes the number 1 star


I would be here Jordan when BM wraps up for less than 100cr. Speak for yourself.