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Kick 2 isn't officially announced! Sajid only said by Dec 2021 film will go on floors.

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Mughlo ka Game of Thrones lol jokes apart i don't think Kick 2 will cpme on xmas 2021 but lets see

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Just to grab eyeballs lol. Takht won't clash with a film like Kick 2. It's another Kalank on the making.

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kick 2 won't come on xmas 2021.


Yes I too think so.

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End of Dharma productions. Plus the current trend in India is such no one would want to see Mughal rulers being glorified.

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agree with the last line.

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Kick 2 isn't coming. Salman's second movie of 2012 will be Kabhi Dusshehra Kabhi Christmas.

And whatever movie Salman brings and Takht both doesn't matter, as the big daddy will arrive on Christmas 2021.

The Mighty Avatar 2.

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avatar 2 isn't a big brand in asian markets.


It was a blockbuster in India despite 3 Idiots, what are you talking about?


oh really? didn't know that. but alot has changed since then. lets see whether cameron can still surprise the world or not.