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dhoom 2

ek tha tiger

dhoom 3

tiger zinda hai


answer these questions as well (only consider the above mentioned movies):

movie with the best story/screenplay?

movie with best cinematography/production values?

movie with best action set pieces/sequences?
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yrf movies, just realized.


Not story but screenplay wise...
Dhoom > Tiger Zinda Hai > Ek Tha Tiger > Dhoom 3 > Dhoom 2 > War

Best Cinematography...
Dhoom 3 > War > Dhoom 2 > Ek Tha Tiger > Tiger Zinda Hai > Dhoom

Best Action Set Pieces
Dhoom > Dhoom 2 > Tiger Zinda Hai > Ek Tha Tiger > War > Dhoom 3

Regarding action sequences, Dhoom had the best conceived and executed ones. Followed by Dhoom 2.
Tiger Zinda Hai had better execution. Infact they weren't well conceived action set pieces but executed in a supreme way.
Ek Tha Tiger had better action sequences designed but since the duplicate was used throughout & the vfx was patchy, I wouldn't rank it higher.
War the only reason I keep low because all the good action set pieces was executed entirely flat. The low ranking only because every single action scene was terribly flat and it infuriated me considering you'll never get to cast the best ones again like Hrithik & Tiger when it comes to this genre.
Dhoom 3 well, the great cinematography didn't cover how much they "tried" not in a good way to look cool with the action set pieces which were anyways marred by drama.

Regarding cinematography, hands down Dhoom 3 had the best. War was superior but came out too artificial. or to say they over did it. Dhoom 2 well it was on a different level back in the day. Ek Tha Tiger is a personal preference as it turned to a love story so a happy space unlike bringing in action mode in every frame, probably the reason why TZH is ranked below.

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TZH > Dhoom 1 > Dhoom 2 1st half > Dhoom 3 > ETT > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > War

movie with the best story/screenplay- thats a one horse race...TZH

these are too big categories for too little number of movies.....

movie with best cinematography/production values- Bang Bang > ETT > Dhoom 3 > Kites > remaining

movie with best action set pieces/sequences - Tanhaji > > > > > > Uri the surgical strike > TZH > > ETT > Don 2 > Bang Bang > > Dhoom 3

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Dhoom 3 bakwas....
TZH puri Flat Movie thi Action tha he kitna sala last scene slow motion me gun chlana dekh hassi aa jati hai SALMAN kii pure Career me 2 He Best Action Movie lagi mjhe DABANGG & ETT (Jo kii Remake bhi nahi thi na he sequel) TZH Franchise ke naam prr Chl gyi aur waise bhi BO matter nahi krta ab mere liye jbse ye KABIR SINGH jaisi Ra***baaz movie 2.50cr+ Footfalls krr gyi.
So According to me.
Dhoom 2 >>>>> War = ETT.
Dhoom 2 Action Scene dekho 1st Half ka waisa Action 2006 me uske aas paas bhi koi movie nahi thi.
Dhoom 2 Jaisa Craze shyd he uss waqt Kisi Movie ka Tha.
Dhoom 10 Sequel kyu naa bana le Comparison baar baar DHOOM 2 aka HR wali movie he hota hai.
Even Ye chota saa Clip DHOOM 2 ka 100M+ View kiya hai tumhare mention kare hue kisi bhi movie ka action scene ka clip shyd he 10M hoga.

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there are 4-5 action set pieces in tzh but they are part of the story unlike majority of the hindi action movies where they pause the story for 5 minutes action sequences. that horse action scene is 10-12 minutes long in tzh. that rambo scene is ott (don't like ott stuff).

dhoom 2 is overrated esp action scenes.

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dhoom 2


tiger zinda hai

ek tha tiger

dhoom 3

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Best story and screenplay Dhoom1 (2004) >>>> TZH

movie with best cinematography/production values Dhoom3>>>>ETT

movie with best action set pieces/sequences Dhoom2 (2006)>>>>>ETT/Dhoom1

overall I liked dhoom1 and TZH

why forum was down for 2 weeks?

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