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Jab koi Actor B,C Grade movie krga
Haath se Gun ka goli rokga
Helicopter ko haath se nacha dega
Waise Actor ko MEDIA kyu promote krga ????
Ye sab Karnaame DHARMENDRA ne kiye the late 90s and early 2000s me islie Amitabh ko Media ne jyada Promote kiya aur Dharmendra ko koi nahi pucha.
Prr iska Mtlb Ye nahi Kii Media promote naa Kare to DHARMENDRA MEGASTAR nahi hua Ye humesa se Biggest MEGASTAR the bas Movie ka Selection ne niche krr diya aadhe se Jyada To MEDIA STAR he hai Hindi Cinema me ..
Rishi Kapoor kaha se aa gye unke Stardom ke baare me padha hai kbhi ???
tumhe lagta hai BOBBY, LAILA MAJNU, HKSKN, PREM ROG ,, AAA , NASEEB , etc sab unke Wjah se Blockbuster hua tha to glat ho tum agar RISHI Ke stardom se ye movie chli hai to Salman ke stardom se HAHK,MPK,SAAJAN,HSSH etc chli hai simple

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because there were already bigger star than him....first rajesh khanna and then Amitabh bachchan...people, media, industry dont care who is second, third and fourth...always hype who is top....when amitabh made headline with zanjeer and deewar there was talk in industry and media that rajesh khanna era has about to finish....nobody talk about Daramendra's stardom...though he was huge star in north especially in small centers...second thing amitabh and rajesh khanna has brilliant performances that always became talk in media and it anand, amar prem, aradhna, sachcha zootha, deewar, don trishul, AAA etc....I dont remeber any of dharmendra's role was became iconinc other than dharamveer and sholay (which he has shared with co stars)...

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It's reason is very simple. Rajesh Khanna unprecedented popularity started 1969 and till 1971 he is given 15 hits continuously. And after that his popularity is started downfalling but popularity not down too much suddenly it's a slowly slowly process. So in 1972 Rajesh Khanna popularity is huge during this period of time Dharmendra started huge popularity also and he is compitition with Rajesh Khanna Stardom in 1972 (not 1969-1971 popularity level) so he is popular but not like Rajesh in 1969-1971 period. And slowly slowly Amitabh Bachchan gain huge popularity since 1975 and since 1977 Amar abkar Anthony his popularity is unmatchable he is on GOD level popularity till 1991. So Dharmendra always no. 2 in popularity except on or two years.

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That's because Dharmendra is one of these actors who maintains a low profile in this film industry just like his two sons Sunny Deol and Bobby. He's always been media-shy but frankly, there's nothing wrong with not being in the limelight.

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Big B's 2nd innings after KBC is much bigger than Dharmendr's. Before KBC, there wan no hype about Big B.

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there wan no hype about Big B.
u r wrong bro......I think u r not aware hysteria of BigB's 70s and 80s....yes he was very down in 90s and came strongly in 2000s but his second is not that big like pre 90s...


I'm talking about 5-6 years before KBC happened, in stardom phase almost all bis star have hype.

Hype is difficult to maintain once stardom does down. Dharmendra never recovered have his stardome went down, but Big B got hype again after super success of KBC.

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rishi kapoor ka stardom kabhi nahi raha amitabh aur rajesh khanna hamesha limelight main rahe. even dhram bhi 70s main kaafi popular the.

amitabh 1975se 1989 tak media se bilkul alag ho gaye the per box office aur apni filmo se bahot popular the. infact esi daur main amitabh ko ONE MAN INDUSTRY bhi bola jaata tha.

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Because the father and son of rishi kapoor are huge superstars

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