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suggest some good names please
in General Queries by Set Decorator (1.6k points)
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by Camera Operator (10.5k points)
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I follow Some on here don't like it whereas others don't have a problem with this site as they keep track of the Box Office collections from opening to lifetime.

by Unit Manager (32.1k points)
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Wow yaar you follow producer figure great where Akshay Kumar movies each day collections digit total now a days is 9. So clearly visible fake figures by producer.


Funny coming from a hypocrite like you who worships BOI where they have ties to producers and Harimnder is backing up Akshay most of the time just like Housefull 4. Didn't the producer ask BOI for fig to give fake collections for Housefull 4? Everyone knows Harminder is a culprit Sorry if you can't digest others who follow as if I'm the only one. Too bad you don't understand the connection between BOI and Akshay Kumar.


Whats there with collection of HF4 man? Talk about their commentary fine but how come collection becomes an issue for you again and again. HF4 is the highest grossing comedy and thats a fact now don't try to dig things repeatedly or its just because movies like Raid, Singham, SOS didn't do 100cr and boi has kept it like that has got your nerves. Ab jab nahi kiya 100cr toh bhyi kiyon dale zabardasti. Bol Bacchhan did and its been mentioned quite clear in BOI as well. So, don't drag the collection issue of HF4 again and again.

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Seeking for one,I have become sick of

by Editor (82.1k points)
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There are many and you can go for any of them but the kind of accuracy and consistancy is hard to find like BOI has.

by Production Accountant (24.8k points)

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