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Allu arjun can never compete with mahesh, jr. Ntr ,ram charan in openings...
He got top director and better date yet he fell short of mahesh movie..
Measuring stardom in telugu or south movies is easy, as their people are crazy for their stars and watching movies on day1 ,unlike bwood where national holiday, franchise, banner, director matters..
There will never be a direct clash where the films will get affected as in bwood..

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Absolutely agree with you


You are comparing solo opening of that mb film with clashed movie of AA..Anyways in lifetime that mb movie will be crushed by Allu Arjun..


If u think that allu movie got less screens, then u r mistaken bro..
Every sankranti 2 big films release..and both get equal screens if both r top5 heroes...
Ex: Ap/tel has 1500 screens..
Mahesh movie would have released on 1000 screens
And on second day allu movie would have released on 850-900 screens and makers will make sure they give more shows.
And mahesh movie would eat up those remaining 500 screens with more shows as from second day no telugu movie will match even 40% business of day1..
So both the movies will get equal opportunity..
Best examples are mahesh's 1 nenokkadine and ram charans yevadu movie..
Mahesh movie released and it did 8.4cr and then ram charans yevadu released and got 8.7cr..
Despite of releasing after mahesh movie, ramcharans movie yet scored more than mahesh movie..
Same happened with mahesh svsc and ramcharans rachaa movie..

Bwood and twood are two entirely different markets..
Only 6-7% of hindi audience are watching hindi movies, that too big event movies.. And in twood 30-40% are watching telugu movies.. This is the reason baahubali did 300cr gross alone in ap/telangana

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Superb opening although it was Sunday. I think clean hit is loading for Allu Arjun after a long time.

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Allu Arjun is the one with huge potential to be a true pan India star.. Had it been him in Bahubali series instead of Prabhas, AA would have been way above from where Prabhas is now..
This man is loved in all regions of the nation.. Most popular south star in the north, loved in his own region, KA and widely in Kerala.. Just. Matter of few consecutive hits and he is going to leap over the likes of Jr NTR, Ramcharan, etc and get in the league of Mahesh..

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Allu Arjun cannot sell Bahubali, it needs character. Allu Arjun cannot bring that level of convinction. He looked fake in Rudhramadevi.


Might be but you can never say Rajamouli wouldn't have made him apt for the role.. And actually I'm just saying a "Baahubali" kind of effect on the stardom and popularity.. Yes Prabhas suited well and would definitely look more apt than AA but I'm saying a similar kind of Pan India movie would have made a bigger difference to the stardom than for what it did to Prabhas as he already is more popular than him..

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And the official was 85cr lol
Anyways good start by both the films

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