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Tanhji - The Unsung Warrior has emerged a HIT film and held very well on Monday with collections sure to cross the 10 crore nett mark. The fall is pretty minimal from Monday and by the evening it may just be a 15-20% fall on an all India basis.



There will be some places which may have a fall which is hardly 0-5% by the evening. Maharashtra is super strong and could do a repeat from Friday and Delhi and East Punjab have a holiday for Lohri tomorrow which means evenings could takes these areas towards there Friday number. This means the fall will come in Central, East and South India but it will be in the 25-30% region as Friday was weak in these parts.



The final numbers for Monday could even get in the 11-12 crore nett but that will depend how it collects in the evening. If it does get here it should remain around these levels or even more for the next two days which could mean a 100 crore nett apprx first week number but it remains to be seen where the film finishes on Monday.



The other release Chhapaak is struggling with a far bigger drop than Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior despite being a concept film with numbers likely to finish in the 2.5-3 crore nett range depending on the evenings. it can also hold around these marks till Thursday but even then the total will not be much.
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I think the late-night shows will perform well and the Holidays in Punjab will boast the collections. Not to mention Makar Sankranti is coming in two days' time so this will help the movie sustain and increase the numbers so hopefully, by next week the movie would have crossed 100cr. It's a long way from reaching 200cr but its performing very well and doing better than Fridays in some mass circuits.

For Chhapaak, I don't care about this movie. It won't even get pass Raazi and Manikarnika lifetime collections hence Deepika fan's dreams have been shattered already.

by Unit Manager (32.1k points)
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Seems like movie is heading for 165-170cr lifetime, I hope it does 200cr though. Its an amazing movie and deserve such numbers.

by Star (158k points)
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This is the reason why ajay could never enter the top5..
With great reviews and being a commercial film it could not go past 30cr on sat or sunday...
And this film will stop at 180-190cr max...

by Location Manager (6.4k points)

This is the reason why ajay could never enter the top5..

FYI, Ajay Devgn has never been desperate to be number one or five. His work ethic is different and he's in a league of his own.

So instead of criticising just be happy that the movie is doing well. Even if it does 180-190cr then it will be a Super Hit at the Box Office.

Don't bring up crap like ''Without Rohit Shetty''

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