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Very good Interview.

It would have been interesting to see what this film would have been like with Aamir Khan and Salman Khan out of curiosity. I'm glad he cleared out those rumours that were mentioned on the IMDB regarding who was offered the roles. He didn't mention Govinda because SRK said in a Filmfare interview that he was being considered for his role Arjun when Salman Khan bagged the role of Karan. On paper, the reincarnation may have sounded bizarre because this element usually works for love stories. Rakesh's screenplay was excellent because he gave it a perfect blend of action, family drama and bit of romance on SRK's side.

Honestly, you would want to have sympathy for Ajay Devgn and why he wanted to opt-out of the film. He was an action hero at that time and wanted to break out of that image by doing a role out of his comfort zone. That's why he wanted SRK's role as Arjun but you can't blame for being angry at SRK. They agreed to opt out of the film when Rakesh didn't listen to their suggestions but when SRK requested to be re-casted then Ajay was angry. Today, Ajay and SRK respect each other but its media that tried to make the public believe that they are enemies. Both actors are on good terms which is good.

Anyway, Karan Arjun is still one of the best movies of the 90s era and Indian Cinema. It had record opener and was a Blockbuster at the Box Office. I liked the performances from both SRK and Salman whilst Amrish Puri was excellent as the villain.

This song is my favourite

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whatever I said before about Karan Arjun was perfectly right...earlier its name was kainaat....and movie was first offered to srk and Ajay......movie was bit unlucky when it was released because HAHK was on its peak time and most of good screen has occupied so karan arjun has to settle with sub standard screens.....i m only talking about mumbai...only minerva (grant road) and chitra (dadar) and galaxy were better screen...it has released in capital (V.T.), navrang, sangam (andheri), topwala, huma, heena, jaihind, jaiganesh (mulund), kalpana, sheetal (kurla), kasturba, bahar, galaxy, diamond, ashish, uday (ghatkopar) which was not known for good advance was booked first 5 days in advance...I tried to get to get ticket in minerva with one of my relative, believe me theatre was booked for entire week on monday itself when advance opened....in mumbai first 4 week collection was 99%, 90%, 90%, 84% and fifth week onward ramadhan started still movie saw good occupency till Eid 76%, 72%, 69, in 5th, 6th and 7h week . but again movie picked brilliantly from eid and recorded 79% in 8th week...movie ran 1st 5 week 100% occupency in Hajipur bihar after that magasine has stopped showing collection from that center..rajastan, bihar, Dehli UP, Nizam, WB, Central province were historic even in south madras has recorded 100% in 3 week....I have keep telling many times that Boi has not only under reported collection but footfall too...

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what do you think are its real footfalls


it should be more than border....or either border footfall should be lower than KA...because percentage of collection were same for both movies in mumbai city....i.e. 97, 90, 90, 84 in first 4 weeks, but difference is that KA was running historic in smaller center...like satara, belgaon, hubli to muzaffarnagar, solapur, baraily etc...i still remember it was released in jayvijay cinema in satara...and collection was remain above 90% even in 5th week....

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Journey for Salman's heartbreaking 8 second highest grosser of all times started from MPK, followed by Karan Arjun.
What a craze the movie had, watched it 6 times at the theatre.

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interesting interview............

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SRK wanted to do Koyla more than KA. Yet Koyla was only Average and KA a BB.

And later Rakesh offered him KNPH. I wonder how things would've been if SRK had said yes to that.

But no doubt RR had a big part to play in the initial part of SRK's career.

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Most overrated crap of SRK's career......it can put you to shame if you have to show it to non-Bollywood fan that this is my Star and this is his blockbuster film....lol......i was so happy when some years ago i came to know that SRK did not believe in this film, so i was happy that Star and FAN are in-sync

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Baadshah, you cannot expect 90s movies to age well. It was made keeping in mind what the audiences liked back then. I even feel DDLJ is very overrated when I see it now.


this is typical bollywood masala movie that poeple of india or asian people wanted to see...hume jo achcha lagta hai woh hum dekhte hai na ke srk aur abram ya kuch western logon ko jo ahcha lagta hai woh hum dekhenge...kyuki hum paise dekar dekhte hai...many times I used to say before that as long srk was doing movie for money he was doing very good....he has to just complete his duty as an actor and not to bother what is story and what is script...because directors knows his potential and how to use him...and result was bazigar, khkn, darr, KA, DDLJ, to vz...he was successful in both front critics plus box office....since he became more choosy and got rights select script on his own then result is ra1, fan, zero, jhms etc......isko bolte hai dhobi ka kutta na critics ka na box office ka...i wont he is taking long time to announce movie..samaz lena koi ghatiya film hi lekar ayega...


Let's hope he does a movie with Hirani. Nothing else shall help him now.


Suhas bhai, SRK accepted his mistake only about the boxoffice side......not that he was loving the final product onscreen and was surprised that script looks so good at the end....just...just...just boxoffice
Intense: bro films from 1950s to 1960s have aged well....or if some have not, they are still tolerable to understand ''why Blockbuster'' .......but this film is a complete surprise.....i am not saying film is utterly bad.....but just that most popular crap or most overrated film of SRK's career
Lambodar: to bhai aap dekho yeh film or enjoy karo.....kuch logon ko buri bhi lage gi film.....so un logon mein main hoon jinko yeh film achi nhn lgti....mera opinion h......also, most of the films i liked from SRK's career is what i got to know afterwards that i am most close to UK audience in my choice of films (special mention: KANK i love)....n my Star i believe is also like me.....so i am happy.....again saying, Star-FAN sync in terms of content is beautiful.....many at times, who cares about boxoffice when you are bigger Fan of SRK-the actor rather than SRK-the Star