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For last two days on internet there was too much positivity about this movie, So today I watched it, seriously speaking, remove Saif from the movie then it's not even one time watchable. Who all are claiming it to be a masterpiece I don't know what's wrong with them.

And about BOI's lethal commentary I don't have a word.
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I watched Tanhaji and liked it. I dont know what do you mean by "really watched".

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Well people tend to praise a film without even watching it so "really watched" makes sense.


Correct me if i m wrong,
it's my observation that there are lot of people who give there opinions or reviews without watching a movie.

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I haven't watched it yet but my friends have watched it and they have really liked it. They too have praised Saif's acting a lot. I haven't watched it much so can't really say how it is though I have answered and commented on post related to it just going by the reviews and response for it from my friends circle.

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I also feel same Those calling it masterpiece are bluffing without watching..I would call it good..But not masterpiece or whatever..

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What about those who did watch on the film and called it a masterpiece? That's their opinion on what they want to call this movie or whatever.

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Who all are claiming it to be a masterpiece I don't know what's wrong with them.

Then you should stop acting as if there's something wrong with those who want to call it a masterpiece because it's their opinion. There have been some public reviews on YouTube where people praised the film and call it a masterpiece. This word is how the movie should be described because that's how good Tanhaji was.

Before criticising, you should have done some research to find out who Udyaban Rathod Singh was. That character that Saif Ali Khan played was important. So remove him, then the biopic for this film would have been incomplete.

Anyway, Tanhaji was a terrific movie.................

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there was a dialogue in FAN "connection bhi na bas kamaal ki cheez hai"

Thats the case when u r a fan of someone,

For me zero and bharat both were good movies,

An about YouTube there are a lot of YouTube videos where a lot of people too praised both these movies.

And being a masterpiece it will surely collect more than Padmavat.

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I just watched its one time watchable thats it .And people are chantting sologan i felt like watching india pakistan match

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Yes i watched it at iconic gaeity galaxy (Bandra) night show.

Even i bought popcorn which cost 30 rupees.

"Really watched" it.was fanstastic though first half was boring in parts cos of no action.

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