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Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior collected well with 14.50 crore nett on day which is lower than the earlier estimates as North and East have come in with low collections. The film has still done well on day one but those North and East figures will have to improve as they bring the all India figure down. The film was also going to lead in Maharashtra but Gujarat could have helped it higher. Mumbai is around 50% of the all India number.

The collections in Maharashtra are very good but here the Gujarat / Saurashtra figure means Mumbai circuit could have been better also. It remains to be seen what sort of growth the film can get on Saturday and it should grow well in most multiplexes of the country though Maharashtra and single screens may not.

Chhapaak also came in lower than estimated at around 4.25 crore nett the film was failed to show any growth post 3 pm and which should have pushed the numebr to 6 crore nett. the collections are only in the big multiplexes and it has hardly collected outside the big multiplexes.

The film will struggle to collect from here especially with the competition of the bigger film but it has proved to be a bit of a nuisance film to Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior in North, West Bengal and Mysore as in these places Tanhji - The Unsung Warrior was going to be weak but with another film they get an option also.

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Well, both movies opened lower than expected. But Tanhaji is getting superb response, should get big growth today, expecting at least 55 cr weekend.

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opening for both movies are lower than expectations
when movies like brahmastra will open to 40 crore on non holiday this year
these numbers are just not that good for good wom films

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Brahmastra open 100 cr on day one and avtaar lifetime collection in danger........


avtaar toh nahi but all bollywood lifetime collections are in danger
when ayan ranbir can give 20 crore non holiday opening in 2013 then there is no reason why they cant touch 40crore in 2020


40cr? Is the movie even releasing in 2020?


art takes time man they are just giving the final touches to make it perfect
brahmastra for ranbir will be what ddlj is for srk, dabbang for salman , 3idiots for aamir and kaho na pyaar hai for hrihtik

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Below average opening for both, but I am expecting around 65 cr weekend for tanaji let see..

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So according to you, Tanhaji will do 50 cr on Sat-Sun combined, not possible bro.


Hope so going by the trend it should do 22 today and 28 tomorrow ..

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Tanhaji with better promotions should have ideally opened in the 18-20cr range. Nevertheless response is very good and the movie will grow big.

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tanhaji will hit 27cr today and 33cr sunday and 300cr lifetime

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Tanhaji could have opened better if the promotional strategy was done properly which I did criticise. However, this movie will crush Chhapaak with its good WOM and the fact it has more of an Indian pan appeal with massy elements. I expect the collections to get a boast on Happy Lohri and Makar Sankranti respectively.

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