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There will be an interesting clash this week with Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior and Chhapaak which should really go one way as Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior looks a far superior product. But Chapaak will provide a nuisance factor to Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior a bit like Made In China and Saand Ki Aankh were to Housefull 4 on Diwali.

The difference there was that Housefull 4 was a commercial entertainer and it was pre Diwali release where business was low and by Monday the reports are out of all films and so the poor films like Saand Ki Aankh and Made In China are hardly going to stop Housefull 4 getting huge crowds.

Here Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior is not a commercial entertainer and more importantly the film has a very Maharashtra feel which lets in Chhapaak at some places, namely the multiplexes of Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Chandigarh, Bangalore and Kolkata. Its not that these places are gung ho about Chhapaak but less appeal for Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior makes it a level playing field in these centres and Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior could have done without this nuisance factor of Chhapaak.

Tanhaji - The Unsung Hero will have to go on the lines of Kesari to succeed. Kesari was a heavy Delhi Punjab film but big business in these two areas was not going to be enough for the film and the film really managed to surprise in places like Gujarat, Maharashtra and Bengal to get a good number. These places were not huge but very good for a film with a very Punjabi feel.

Tanhaji - The Unsung Hero is the opposite with a Maharashtra feel so the likes of Maharashtra, Gujarat / Saurashtra, CP Berar and Marathawada will do well but it will need the likes of Delhi / UP, East Punjab, Bihar etc to do well also to get good final results.


The cast Ajay Devgn and Saif Ali Khan have one good film with Kachche Dhaage supported by blockbuster music and one poor one in Omkara which crashed at the theatres and was an even bigger disaster post theatrical release on television. The talkers rated this film and even the performances of the actors but the watchers showed two fingers to the film and performances as the film and acting would be a great breakthrough for insomnia. The hope here is that the film will go the Kachche Dhaage way and not the Omkara way with the paying public.

Chhapaak looks well below Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior and looks a pretty dry film and and its on a sensitive issue and the attempt to give it a wider reach with the treatment of the subject could backfire as it could leave the film neither or there. If Tanhji - The Unsung Warrior did not have the regional flavor it would have wiped the floor with this film but as mentioned above the regional touch of Tanhaji - The Unsung lets in Chapaak in some cities.

The heroine of Chhapaak Deepika Padukone has got huge media hype over the last couple of days due to her visit to a college in Delhi which was attacked by a masked mob and its pretty obvious its done to boost the fortunes of Chhapaak but this hardly ever works as the controversy which this create will be surrounding Deepika Padukone and not Chhapaak. Also today the paying public is too smart know the difference between a real controversy like with Padmaavat and a fake one like this which is there to give a film a boost.

Chhapaak will get media support especially from the English national press which is the most important media and can gibe a little push at the high end multiplexes but eventually its a netflix type of movie while Tanhaji - The Unsung Hero is an attempt to create cinema, good or bad cinema the audience will decide.

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Lol. What kinda article is this. Their commentary is going wise day by day. Nos it looks more like a PR website for Akshay Kumar.

This are few points that I would like to mention :

1.So they are comparing Chaapak to Saand ki Aankh and Made In China despite former being a bigger film. I think they deliberately made this point just to bring Housefull 4 where they can praise Akshay Kumar. ' are hardly going to stop Housefull 4 getting huge crowds' - Seriously, Its worst performing Diwali New year day in this decade even if we consider it falling it on Monday and leave 2010 aside.

2.Tanhaji is not a commercial entertainer'. Seriously?. In that case even Bajirao and Padmaabvat were also not commercial entertainer. They are promoting it as a 'Surgical Strike on Mughal Empire ' and others aspects which encapsulate the current wave of nationalism in country,whether its songs or dialogues.

  1. Watchers showed TWO fingers. Did they mean MIDDLE finger.

  2. As I was reading their bashing for Chaapak,I thought , Is it due to her visit to JNU. So they have mentioned the same in the next para.

I just hope that this biasedness in commentary doesn't lead to biasedness in collection because its the most reliable boxoffice site.

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Its biasedness in collection has been started too


I just hope that this biasedness in commentary doesn't lead to biasedness in collection because its the most reliable boxoffice site.

It will lead to biasedness collections for Tanhaji because BOI don't like Ajay Devgn. Most of his 100cr movies were not acknowledged by BOI. That's why his lifetime collections have been 80cr or 98cr.

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But kesari was the most epic film by Akshay kumar in his 25 years career where we would get goosebumps..And from now on boi will probably drag Akshay in every article that how he's a one man industry and giving huge hits despite doing 4 films a year

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Just when you think BOI cannot be dumber, they come up with an even more stupid article. Seriously commentary on this site is a joke.

answered by Super-star (173k points)

I am sensing this site as a whole has become joke

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Why Boi was silent when Akshay did interview of Modi ..
Wasn't that a pr to attract the bh@kts ..


answered by Cinematographer (95.1k points)
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Stupid Harminder stop ruining credibility of your site!

answered by Executive Producer (66.8k points)
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This is an incredibly stupid article. Senseless.

Tanhaji is not a commercial movie, Chappak is equivalent of MIC and SKA, and why the f is BOI concerned about where do lead actors go and where they don't.

And what is kacche dhaage and why is it relevent here? Omkara is a movie that is remembered fondly as one of a benchmarks for all leads involved, ask anyone about kacche whatever and see whom does people remember more, Omkara or that.

And talking as if Omkara didn't had a chartbuster song which might be bigger hit than all of songs of Kacche whatever.

Stupidity at it's peak.

answered by Mega Star (225k points)
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why do we follow this site again?

answered by Camera Operator (11.3k points)

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