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There is always a demand to do heroine rankings like we do for male stars but it cant really work that as the top heroine would be the one working with the bigger male stars as its those films that take an initial and it would give results which are not actually correct. So with a big heroine orientated film Chhapaak releasing tomorrow (Friday) the list of top heroines is down below



There is no heroine with what you would call a boxoffice draw but a more popular heroine can obviously push up a film compared to a less popular one although when there are big stars involved it hardly matters if the heroine is most popular a bit lower down the pecking order.



The difference between Alia Bhatt and the others is that there is huge popularity in Mumbai and Pune which shows in box office collections. A film like Gully Boy was a Mumbai and Pune film so the out performance of that was always going to be these two cities and the Alia Bhatt factor contributes just a little here. The popularity though shows in films like 2 States and Raazi as these are films which would be expected to have a big North ratio but the presence of Alia Bhatt gives strong numbers in Mumbai and Pune which means Mumbai circuit performs better than it should. Both these films hit 33-34% ratio in Mumbai while without here they would be 30% and a Raazi could even be same in Delhi / UP and Mumbai at 27%.



The draw if any for a heroine will in the big centers today and not smaller cities as they hero hold too much importance here but no other leading heroine has a draw in any other center. There is a case for Rani Mukherjee in West Bengal who is still the top heroine there and this is easily seen from the numbers but she is not in the race and West Bengal alone is not going to make a difference when in others there is a big gap.



If we talk about outside the metros then the most popular heroines will probably be Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif although this will not show up in numbers. But as they have bigger body of work and more popular films it probably makes them the most known heroines outside metros.



Kareena Kapoor deserves a special mention as after Good Newwz is probably close to that second position and the results of Chapaak will tell. But more than that its the longevity of twenty years as a main female lead which is far more than any other heroine in history and still among the top three. There have been four superstar heroines in the film industry with Mumtaz, Hema Malini, Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit but this longevity of Kareen Kapoor lasts a few more films then there will be a case for a fifth superstar heroine in the 100 odd year history of Hindi cinema. The top ten heroines at the present time taking into account collections in different places which can show certain trends, genres and taking into account the set up of a film and male stars are as follows. This can always be be arguable as its not based on just facts and figures but facts and figures wont give the correct picture here.



1. Alia Bhatt



2. Deepika Padukone  



3. Kareena Kapoor



4. Katrina Kaif



5. Shraddha Kapoor



6. Kriti Sanon



7. Kangana Ranuat



8. Anushka Sharma



9. Sara Ali Khan



10. Priyanka Chopra
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How the hell is kriti sanon at no.6 lol!!!!!! She has just four successes in heropanti, dilwale, luka chuppi and housefull 4. How is she ahead of kangana ranaut and anushka sharma?

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She isn't at no1..lol

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Films like raazi and gully boy actually helped Alia to become popular among the youth..I hope she doesn't go to to Hollywood and waste her career like Deepika.. Alia's upcoming films are quite risky though as they will either be huge blockbusters or flops..And katrina is only helpful when there's a big star in the film

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Sometimes it feels that BOI gives articles just because they have too.

Their commentary level is just so stupid, it's like we are torturing our brain cells by reading them.

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