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Agar b-grade visual wala film hi karna hai toh 4 movie kare every year..That would much better for him personally and for me as a fan
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@SL Chulbul was never his original name na. He changes it to Chulbul for his lover & enrolls to the police job with that name.

They believed a prequel would have this as a surprise element. In short they weren't truthful enough to the character. The idea of how Dhaakad became Chulbul sounds good, Bhai taking credit for it is also justified. The screenplay should've done better justice to it.

This is why despite having the material to work, they didn't deliver on it.

Whatever they showed in the trailer was just the quirky side of Chulbul which ofcourse less quirkier than the original. Apart from introducing Rajjo's character, rest all were his character traits only. Just that in the film it wasn't well written with depth & neither the execution was crisp. Otherwise the nostalgic feeling is intact throughout.

All the goons who got beaten up by Chulbul in 1&2 are working as labourers in his house now is a cracking idea. But then it gets ruined due to cheap humour. You don't want to see the goon hiding in the kitchen & watch Chulbul-Rajjo romancing & even commenting on it. Chulbul was patriarchal & he didn't like anybody trying to impress her in part 1. He was that possessive. Here in the name of being progressive, the whole team came out as fake & ruined the characters.

This very idea of prequel + sequel could've been presented far better. Could've retained how entry of Saiee in his life brings some positivity & how the bitter relationship with his stepfather could've ruined his love story. Balli Singh using this further. Rest all being same, this could've created more grudge between son & step father. But that would ruin the beautiful father-son bonding Dabangg 2 created. You see couldn't have created too much grudge. The stepfather was lenient to his own son. It's a tricky thing with prequels. No matter how much we argue, the product isn't changing. It was a winning script, bogged down by predictable dated screenplay & bad insertions of cheap humor & forced songs.

Dabangg was not the film with - intro+fight followed by song, heroine+comedy+song, emotional drama+conflict followed by song with interval bang. Then drama+light comedy+song, more conflict+twist+song, final twist+outburst leading to climax.

This was not the template of Dabangg 1, they made to do this the template of Dabangg 2 which didn't work for the movie but audience forgave. Following the same template for an idea that deserved more skill, gave the film up & hurt the franchise.


C'mon, clearly Chulbul's mother calls him Chulbul in Dabangg 1 when he was child. His name was always Chulbul and he always had ruthlessness and anger in him, wven as a child.

Clearly makers ignored that and tried to give him a backstory that did not worked.


@SL Chulbul is the nickname which he hated. He hates the fact Saiee suggests Chulbul as his name saying he tried to get rid of it all his life. And goes ahead to accept the name for her.

He always had the ruthlessness & anger. It is evident in the backstory. He doesn't even think once before carrying the bed where his aunt is sleeping & throwing on a goods train just to get rid off her but without knowing it's his mom the one sleeping on the bed (katiya) & rides back to get her back. When Makkhi tries to help, he even though comically, like a child still rants "she is my mother, only mine". The traits were there, comic effect or not. They tried to give him a reason for ruthlessness & anger by showing he had immense loss.

Having to witness his lover & family murdered, being sent to jail by false accusations of all of their murders was supposed to be the justification. Him being ruthless or angry over stepfather's treatment alone would have made him err less a human. They weren't trying to make that out of Chulbul Pandey.

You see the makers didn't blindly make Dabangg 3. Neither they put zero efforts. The efforts were clearly there to see & many of them were carefully etched to connect all the characters across the timeline. Chulbul calling Saiee's home & Rajjo answering the landline, both of them talking without even having to know each other was a pretty good touch (nostalgic because years later when he becomes cop he'll fall in love with Rajjo at first sight). These smaller pretty things are there throughout the film, connecting all the 3 films timeline together.

Just that overall product together needed more finesse. If they had reduced the songs, slow motion shots & bad forced humor, they would've had even more time to firmly establish several emotional aspects which in turn would have made the film even more impactful. Rather having more drama (not Prabhudeva's strength), they opted for a screenplay that gave way to more comic blocks, mandatory songs thinking they would appeal for the audience more. And even the counters, plan of action against Balli or Balli's cunning ways weren't innovative but same as shown his hundreds of other films. This is where more concentration on emotional drama was required. Instead they opted for Rajjo fearing for Chulbul's life & making promises over & over again stopping him from fighting back as emotional drama which just irked the audience whenever Rajjo came on screen.


I'll watch it in digital and then comment more.

But this has to be one of the very few proper discussion about a movie, it's characters, arcs, story, character motivations, storyline progress and in depth analysis on this forum. 99% of time it's just other stuff.

Funny it had to be a movie like Dabangg 3 to get that honor.

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wo time nikal gaya......... ab karega to stardom finish ho jayega.

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Salman Khan Normal Movie Production Cost Is Min 80 Cr And His Star Market Value Reached 75 Cr Mark Which Is Highest By Any Actor. So His Simple Movie Budget Is More Than 175 Cr Mark.

And Most Important Thing Is Salman Khan Movies Sold 100 Cr Distribution Price So Distribution Share Required For A Hit Film Is A Huge Task.

Not Like Akshay Which Movie Sold Only 50 Cr Dis. Price So Required Dis. Share Is Also 60 Cr Which Is Done Only 120 Cr Nett Collection And Only 80 Lakh Footfalls MarkWhich Is Very Easy And Achieveable.

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80Cr producrion coat? lol..did dabangg3 look like 80cr movie?


Yes why not if movie shoot goes extended more than 5-6 months short than its a normal 80 cr production Cost for a big star film.

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Krta to tha 4 Movies 2010 se phle chlo 3 he maan lete hai..
Ek bhi Big Grosser nahi hoti thi 2000-2009 me 1.50cr FFs cross nahi hue usse .. tab 2010 ke baad 2 krr diya ek ko Fix FESTIVAL rkhta tha ek ko NON HOLIDAY aur iska Result ,, DABANGG-VEER,, READY-BODYGUARD & KICK-JAI HO tha...ab khud smjh jaa

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Lekin 2010 ke baad SALMAN 4 movie bhi krta to HITS aur BIG GROSSER kam jrur hote prr Akshay se aage rhta ...
Akshay ka ek Problem hai Uska PULL nahi hai POPULARITY alag chiz hai Agar BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN aur MISSION MANGAL jo dono kii last Best CONTENT MOVIE hai ek saath Rlse hoti to aage BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN he hota


Akki's pull get distributed amongst his 4 release of year. Its not possible for neutral movie goer to watch 4 films of one star in the cinema every year. Lesser movie in an year means more excitement amongst the audience to see a star on the big screen which doesn't happen for Akki as he doesn't works that way. Though its his choice to work like that but still pull do gets distributed.


Your claim falls flat on your face by the collection of his 4 movies this year..


What claims you are talking about man? Aur its already clear that Akki is the star of the year and MEGASTAR is not even in the race so on what grounds you are still able to retaliate to me?

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Is Salman a laborer?
Why should he work 24 hr a day?

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In one way or another every fcuking actor is a laborer

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If he starts doing 4 movies like D3 every year, it will be the end of him. Megastardom alone cannot run a movie. I hope he sticks to one movie a year from 2021 and delivers a high quality product.

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Kounsa superdom? That era of Superstardom is gone..Now its all about how grand the movie is and the trailer ...If Salman gonna make movies like dabangg3 race3 bharat tubelight..that it would be better if he start increasing the no of his films

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hes earning crores doing endorsements, tours, bigg boss, 2 movies.. all hes concerned about is funding being human and helping his family

he doesnt give a shit about what you think he shd do

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a guy who can make sultan and kick in 5 months from pre production to finish.....and makes bharat in one year.....you can just conclude that he's just lazy when there is no deadline.... although i have always been saying this he must do at least 2,3 movies a year...because he can..... but now ...all i care is about sher khan..... just make that movie and retire.....just one more movie.

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