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+2 votes
Mithunda was a huge superstar and was one of the top stars of the 1980s. He was the 4th biggest star of the 1980s. The film Surakshaa was his first success in a leading role and he went on to give many more successful films like hum se badhkar kaun, hum panch, wardat and shaukeen. But he attained stardom only with Disco dancer in 1982. After that there was no looking back as he went on to give humongous  hits and continued to give hits till the mid 1990s until his stardom faded away.  His hits  during his stardom phase are-

1. Disco dancer

2. Kaun? Kaisey?

3. Faraib

4. Mujhe insaaf chahiye

5.  Wanted : dead or alive

6. Boxer

7. Ghar ek mandir

8. Tarkeeb

9. Rakta bandhan

10. Jagir

11. Kasam paida karne waale ki

12. Pyar  jhukta nahin

13. Aandhi toofan

14. Ghulami

15. Dilwala

16. Jaal

17. Swarg se sunder

18. Muddat

19. Dance dance

20. Parivaar

21. Hawaalat

22. Watan ke rakhwale

23. Pyar ka mandir


25. Waqt ki awaz

26. Saazish

27. Jeete hain shaan se

28. Guru

29. Ilaaka

30. Prem pratigyaa

31. Mujrim

32. Daata

33. Bhrashtachar

34. Gunahon ka devta

35. Pyar ka devta

36. krishan avtaar

37. Aadmi

38. Dalaal

39. Raavan raaj

So he has around 39 hits during his stardom phase which is indeed a great record. No doubt he is among the biggest superstars of all time. He was a phenomena in the 1980s and was often referred to as ' garibon ka amitabh'. If we include his hits hits before stardom then he will have 40 plus hits which is a record held only by legends like amitabh,dharmendra and jeetendra.

He has around 28 solo hits which is a stupendous record. Indeed he was a huge superstar!!!!
in BOI Update by Set Decorator (1.6k points)
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2 Answers

+1 vote

update ke baad bhi aadha se jayda hit nahi hogi.

by Camera Operator (8.6k points)
–1 vote

Suraksha was first superhit movie of Mintunda....and first time pair with Ranjeeta kaur and they did 20-22 movies together....

mithunda's hits

hum panch
disco dancer
kasam paida karne wale ki
disco dancer
wanted dead or alive
ghar ek mandir
pyar jhukta nahi
aandhi toofan
pyari behnaa
maa kasam
swarg se sunder
main balwan
dance dance
watan ke rakhwale
pyar ka mandir
mar mitenge
prem pratigya
ravan raj

superhit and above will be pyar jhukta nahi, suraksha, swarg se sunder, jaal, waqt ki awaz, guru, disco dancer, pyar ka mandir, dalaal, ghulami.....

amne samne, ashanti, takdeer ka badshah, karishma kudrat ka, pyar ke do pal, aisa pyar kaha, avinash, wardaat, jeete hai shan se, ilaka, phool aur angar, meherbaan, bees saal bad, jallad, heero ka chor, commando, charno ki sugandh will be average to semi hit..can also be surprise hit because most of dada's movies used to do huge business hit in smaller town and interior and earlier there were no records for those movie...only city hit used to be considered hits in media and trade..

by Location Scout (4.2k points)

kiski itni jali? jo downvote diya

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