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Good Newwz had an excellent Wednesday with collections of over 20 crore nett as it collected 22.50 crore nett which has taken the six day figure to almost 116 crore nett The weekend of the film was 65 crore nett and it has added a huge 51 crore nett in the last three days due to the holiday period..

The collections on Wednesday were similar to Saturday in the metros but outside the metros the numbers were better which meant a better overalll total. The film should now emerge a SUPER HIT though it will be the Friday number which will confirm this. There will be a drop on Thursday also as its the day after the big holiday but a 125 crore nett week should be there for the film and maybe even more. The collections of Good Newwz till date are as follows.

Friday - 17,50,00,000 apprx

Saturday - 21,50,00,000 apprx

Sunday - 26,00,00,000 apprx

Monday - 13,00,00,000 apprx

Tuesday - 15,50,00,00 apprx

Wednesday - 22,25,00,000 apprx

TOTAL - 1,15,75,00,000 apprx


Good collection by good newwzz..

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Massive numbers these. The movie is excellent hence the collection is well deserved.

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have you seen the movie?


Yeah. I went reluctantly and I was suprised. It's quite good. Akshay is in top form. It's one of his more enjoyable movies I've seen in a while


im too small a man to go see his movie

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Film is doing great and now has a very good chance to reach up to 180cr+

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Trending is very good. In my show too, there were lots of cheers and claps, especially in the first half.


For me second half is better than first half but it's my personal opinion public enjoying it so let's see how it perform in second week as film retain 75-80% screens and in North it retain almost 90% screens for this week.


2nd half was kinda emotional, but the first half was a laugh riot. Akshay has brillant comic timing

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congrats to the team.

Akki makes movies very quickly but he has seemingly figured out a way of ensuring that the quality is upto par.

Kesari held quite well and had a good total.

MM vastly overperformed and after the holiday kept earning and ended up at a big number.

HS4 got terrible reviews, but the audience that actually watches those movies liked it and it again did decent enough for what it was (especially considering what it went through during production).

and now GN is heading for at least 170cr total. could be bigger if Tanhaji or Chhapaak fail.

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The simple thing he did in last few years is to do different kind of films and mix them smartly so people won't get bored from multiple releases, choose the idea over big budget as Karan johar said during good newws promotion that he went to Akshay sir with the script of a big budget film and just narrate the idea of good news during discussion that he also makes a small film and Akshay said that he want to do good newws and not that big budget movie, second thing which he did is he believes his directors vision because it's the story of that person

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