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"In such troubled times (for the film) to do well is remarkable. All the credit goes to fans. And fans have been very loyal to me and they have gone (to see the film)."

“In North India, section 144 was imposed and so those collections have not come. But they will go and see the film. I mean, first, it is their security and then comes Dabangg3. In other states, we have done pretty well,” Salman said in a group interview.
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Arbaaz Ab Dabangg 4 Bhi Banayega

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its definitely better movie than both part 1 and 2.....i would rank it one of his top 5 movies this decade.... the prequel portion was so amazing..... had it not been for very very low quality of production values (i would be surprised if they spent more than 30cr on entire movie) and too much south type masala.... like we see in rajnikanth movies...it would have been 3rd best movie of salman khan this decade....rajnikanth stuff i mean like salman khan pushing the sideways jeep over the cliff with his hands or in fact the entire action sequences in entire movie minus climax.... they went a little too far with that.... i think this movie will lose at least 100cr business....
they should have postponed it .... story of this movie is amazing ... SKF .... ruined the whole thing.

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So he doesnt want to learn from his mistakes. This is just like SRK saying people will realise the magic of jhms later. He should donate money as charity to brothers instead of working with them.

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So he wants to go the same way of his dear friend SRK ok then
But as he said fans have been loyal to me yess sir always
Hit flop doesn't matter Salman khan fan till the end

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His arrogance has brought him down. About time he starts taking his movie seriously otherwise Another Shahrukh in the making.

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