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Dabanng 3 collected 22 crore nett on its second day as collections were a little down from the previous day. The film did make gains in some places but that was mainly because the situation is a little in those centres and more screenings were possible but it was the opposite in other places.

The film has collected 44.50 crore nett in two days which is less for ths film, not in terms of recovery or anything but because of the expectations that come from a Salman Khan starrer and on top the Dabangg franchise. The fact that there was no growth would not have been much of an issue if everything was normal and it was not losing this revenue due to these external law and order issues.

The problem for the film now is how will it recover the 12-15 crore nett it will lose over its first weekend and it is pretty much impossible as the reports are also average. Even if reports were good it would be a tough task as one there is no timeline as to when these issues will subside and secondly there is a big film releasing next week.

The aim for the film now is to have good growth on Sunday and then to sustain on Monday so if the law and order situation gets better it can take some advantage although there is no chance to recover the big chunk of collections that have gone over the weekend. The two day business of the film is as follows.

Friday - 22,50,00,000 apprx

Saturday - 22,00,00,000 apprx

TOTAL - 44,50,00,000 apprx

The regional versions of the film are not doing well but that is expected as Hindi films dubbed in southern languages hardly collect that well.

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The movie has been hit big time by the law and order scenario. 140-150cr lt. This was unexpected.

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last time salman film underperformed even being a mass commercial film was jai ho.
Most of the muslim audience rejected the film as he was supporting BJP and film despite of hype could not live up to the expectations.
Now with dabang3,most of the muslim audience have stayed away from the film because of protests and salman not speaking a word about nrc and cab.
So his fanbase is mainly because of mulim audience and i have experienced it in theatres also.

first of all this film didnt have that hype and on that these protests.
BOI says that film lost 12-15cr.
even if we add 12-15cr then 57-60cr in 2 days for this film is not a great total.

the films lifetime was max 200-22cr even with out protests,but now it will come down to 140-160cr.

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this is for Ajay who was keep asking about regional collection of kannada movies...50 cr is still possible from kannada version....only 48.67 cr needs to achieve it..

The regional versions of the film are not doing well but that is expected as Hindi films dubbed in southern languages hardly collect that well.

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That guy is in such an illusion and doesn't seem to have clue about boxoffice.


Lol 10 cr hua tho badi baat hogi.


He talks big when it comes to Box Office with a blind eye and a deaf ear.


in telugu and tamil hardly it will collect 3-4cr.
but in kannada it may do 5cr because of sudeep..

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Thank you salman khan

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Thank You Salman, , .

Thank You Salman, , .

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